Life As We Know It

I wrote this entry earlier this year… sometime around mid-January (last month). Before I continue any further, I would like to dedicate this entry to a friend who is like a roguish flower. She was the one who has convinced me to write a post about my views on society’s checklist, personal capabilities, plans for the future, and happiness due to our heated discussion earlier. Each topic is very different yet similarly loaded and interrelated when one decides to sit down and ponder at it. Although there are instances, people don’t take notice and allow it to simply pass by their lives. So why get into the details and feel end up feeling depressed over these things? Because that’s life…. It’s not always pretty but we have to accept it for what it is.

Apparently, the society, we built and have immersed ourselves in have standards to be fulfilled. We may not agree to all the standards but eventually without realizing it, our image of how to live is patterned after it. We pressure ourselves to fit into a box that limits our very existence. So when one is deviant, that person ends up lonely because he or she is not like everyone else. Instead of embracing the unique edge one may have, we try to mask it. Lying to your self until it becomes the truth is what we resort to, in finding a way to escape reality.  We need to seek that inner confidence to go against society’s expectations. You might be the lowest in society but at least lived a life true to who you are.

 “Who we are” is judged according to wealth, religion and more importantly, personal capabilities. This concept can be analyzed and deconstructed in several ways. But going back to being judged, even though we say we are unbiased we still place a classification on things. Sadly, people categorize and label the unskilled and stupid ones as rejects.  It is painful to be ignored because you aren’t as competent as the rest. This train of thought is that of one who wallows in self-pity. It takes time to accept the bitter truth, but we have to move on with life in one way or another. Transcend all this negativity into motivation to become better. Not necessarily someone who fits into society’s checklist but your own checklist.

Making your own checklist entails plans for the future.  It may seem like we are following what society expects of us but at the same time we are not. We shape our own future and make into our own. There are so many doors of opportunity that come our way each day.  Unfortunately we can’t go through all, we have to make decisions that continuously alter the course of life we tread in. Somewhere along the way, we end up looking back at those steps. There were moments of fondness and there were also those of regrets. We begin to think of the “what ifs” and picture a better alternate future that clouds what we truly working towards. If we are stuck thinking about the “what ifs” instead of the “what can”, then whatever we did want for ourselves can never come true.  The future is unknown, nobody can really predict what may happen… so live at the moment and enjoy life.

Even if I’m enjoying what I’m doing, what’s the point of all these things? Happiness is a very vague term. Each person measures it differently, yet this is what everyone searches for. In relation to the checklist, one of the so-called requirements include marriage. How do we know if there is someone worth calling “the One”? The concept of true love seems hard to believe nowadays because of the increasing number of divorce and annulments. In this world, where people break up easily, it seems understandable to lose faith. But if you give up and let the society’s beliefs take over Even if one person fights for his or her silly principle, it makes all the difference. I’m pretty sure somewhere out there, there’s probably someone who clinging on to the same hope. Although hope can only take us so far….While waiting and searching for this person, we focus ourselves other aspects in life particularly our careers. Its not a bad thing unless you make it a priority and end up alone with all the material things that won’t satisfy your empty heart. Economic stability can never compensate emotional stability. So we should never forget to develop who we are…. Because sometimes, we are not ready to receive the best person for us because we are ourselves are not worthy of the other half.

What’s the point of all these things? To understand how society works as a double-edge sword, providing a guide to life as well as limiting our very being and to embrace the unknown. By acknowledging these, we are more equipped to discover who we are and become the very best.  This ends the random ramblings and tidbits that have gone around my head for the past few hours.  Not a very well-written and concise piece, but it speaks matters from the heart, which I hope was a good food for the thought.


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