Harvey’s Point of View

I wrote this right after Time Bound and likewise, it’s another one of my dropped stories. I felt like most of the aspects of this story were done already. Plus, I have another dark series in mind, which I would like to develop more compared to this. This is the first of five one-shots for Forgotten Flames. Harvey’s POV is the weakest one that I written considering he’s the central character. I was trying to go for a psychological angle but ultimately failed. Nonetheless I hope you enjoy it! I’ll be releasing one part each week.


The faucet is running with water. I look up to the mirror and see a man I do not recognize. He is wide-eyed and shaken. Why is that? My head starts to ache again before I could assess. I clutch my head. Then blurry moments come flooding in once more.


I see a blood-thirsty man with no life in his eyes until he met a woman. Together they were a great team. He was given a black box to keep. Then an explosion occurs.  I’m scared of that man. But someone said that was me. Is that man really me? Why can’t I remember anything……


Then my memory suddenly shifts to the recent past, where I am happy in the arms of the other. Suddenly she changes to a wicked fox. After that, everything turns to black and things just come crushing down.


I punched my reflection. I couldn’t take it anymore. The voices inside my head were slowly chewing me away. The glass shards on the floor were filled with blood dripping from my knuckles. Can somebody just tell me who the heck I am…..


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