The Rooftop Prince

The Rooftop Prince is the drama that I’m really excited for in the March line-up! I was about to compile everything together but due to the countless numbers of teasers, stills and posters that get released every single day, I had to result to giving the link where you can read it up. Don’t worry I classified them so you can just look into the ones you like. 

The drama is a fantasy-saeguk made by screenwriter Lee Hee Myung (Bad Family) so we’ll have a strong foundation for the story. The story is about a Joseon-era crown prince whose beloved princess dies. He and his trusty vassals skip forward 300 years into the 21st century, where he gets to meet a woman in Seoul bearing the same face as the dead princess. This will premiere on March 14, replacing Take Care of Us, Captain in SBS.

PARK YOOCHUN as Crown Prince Lee Kak

HAN JI MIN as Park Ha

LEE TAE SUNG as Yong Tae Moo

JUNG YUMI as Hong Sena- Her character is skilled at playing the coy innocent.

JUNG SUK WON as Woo Yong Sool- His character is described as the Chosun dynasty’s best sword fighter, with a ripped body and a big heart that values friendship over anything. But he also has a soft side to him, blushing and turning shy in front of girls.

LEE MIN HO as Song Man Bo- His character is the prince’s teacher, a genius with a photographic memory who was the youngest man in history to pass the civil service exam.

CHOI WOO SIK as Do Chi San


I love how well-casted this whole group is! What makes me love it more is the chemistry of our OTP! Han Ji Min looks absolutely stunning. I love her new hair to that of Padam Padam. She looks younger and a lot bubblier. Park Yoo Chun, I haven’t really seen any of his dramas yet has the gestures that matches Han Ji Min’s. Ohhhhhh, I can’t wait for them to give me another drama crack for this year.

Love Rivals

The King’s Men


  • Behind the scenes [ 1| 2| 3| 4]
  • Teasers [ 1| 2]
  • Park Yoochun [ 1| 2]
  • Character Stills [1]

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