Time Bound One-Shot

Time Bound is one of my written pieces. It’s relatively new since I wrote it over Christmas break. I was having difficulty clarifying the timelines in my head, which you will might notice later on. Anyway, heartwings aka Mer the Witch was the one who suggested that should just write what I feel in a one-shot. For those who don’t know what a one-shot is, it’s basically a short piece (around 1000 words usually) that contains tidbits of the main story. There are more defintions, which you can look up though.  Moving on, I originally planned a novel but like I said it was to hard to fix the timelines, which is why I ultimately dropped this. But either way I hope you like this one-shot. 🙂


Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

“The endless passage of time is the only thing that has been ringing in my tired ears. How many more times do I have to repeat the same dire situation? The remote hope that was there is slowly slipping away from my grasp. I’ve been trudging on for this long because of my promise to her.  But in the end, I can never make her happy in either my hands or that of the one whom she truly loves.  Why did she fall for him? We would never be in this mess if she just chose and held on to me.  Even if I have the power to repeat the occurrences from before, I could never change how she felt about him. I know that now is not the time for hesitations. Once again the events from before will unfold….. I must be vigilant since this might be the last time I’ll do this.”

With that Ryuu closed his eyes and let the time dimension sweep him to his destination once more. And in a short moment, he was back. This time he landed in the exact period where he and Akira were first tasked with the mission that has already changed their lives forever.

Akira who is just as clueless as ever, was giddy with excitement. To be assigned to retrieve an important tonic from the past was a high profile covert mission, which certainly was an honor to do. Ryuu always felt so much lighter whenever he saw her beam like that. If only it could stay that way for eternity……

Being the more responsible one, Ryuu reminded her in a hard tone how important it was prioritize their mission. Then he brushed it off and said, “It looks like we jumped back a little too much. Oh well, we can always enjoy this time period more then.” Akira checked her watch and was surprised Ryuu’s assumption was correct. She just chuckled and agreed with what he said.

The sound of glass breaking echoed in the room. Taichi flicked his finger at Akira’s forehead. She got annoyed and gave her infamous Akira punch. This time, he managed to block it. She knew she lost the round, so she ended up banging her fists against his chest. He grinned at her and teasingly said, “Seriously, even my grandma who has Alzheimer isn’t as klutzy as you. You’ve been here for 6 months already, how can you still break the same lab equipments all the time? Right, Ryuu?” Ryuu just nodded his head. He had a sudden pang of jealously. Akira pouted, “I’m sorry that your lab is a mess. How can anyone do constructive work here? No one will ever think of settling down with you!” “Whatever. I’m sure the one is somewhere out there….”

“I like you.” Akira was taken aback. Her cheeks were burning. Slowly her eyes looked down and shook head in disagreement. She said in a sad tone, “I’m sorry I’m in love with someone else.” Ryuu held her hand but she let go and ran away, leaving him alone in the pouring rain. Don’t go…. Again.

“I’ve decided to stay by your side always. Even if you push me away I’ll just come back. Know that if you’re happy, I’m happy.” That ended their long awkward distance. Ryuu smiled at Akira, encouraging her to reveal the truth to Taichi. It’s better that he is prepared by knowing their secret.

Feeling bewildered by the complications of their relationship, Taichi almost broke it off. Thankfully he finally came around. He assured Akira that no matter what will happen next, he’ll always be there to protect her.

Not long after, Taichi finally proposed to Akira. Akira looked like the happiest person alive as she showed off her engagement ring to Ryuu. The newly engaged couple kissed each other softly on the lips. Then held each other’s hands as they walked down the hill overlooking the crimson sunset. Silent tears just fell off Ryuu’s eyes. It was such a beautiful and pure scene but he just couldn’t smile knowing how broken their fates will be again.  Sudden memory fragments flashed before him. The explosion where Taichi died and Akira screaming and crying her heart out. The darkness of being betrayed by their organization. The first trip back to the past where Akira’s memory was still intact. The struggle and against the organization. And finally the promise.

“Will I ever be able to change what has already been planned by destiny?”


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