Kim Yoo Jung in a Kid’s Variety Show

I thought it was just Lee Min Ho, Siwan and Kim So Hyun who got new shows but apparently Kim Yoo Jung is part of Tooniverse’s kid’s real variety show “Mak Irae Show: Just Do It Expedition.” It the “1 Night 2 Days” version for children. With her are, child actors Shin Dong WooNo Tae Yup, entertainer Kim Dong Hyun (entertainment Kim Gura‘s son), youngest girl group Girl Story‘s Kim Hye In, and child Hip Hop dancer Nancy. They all host the show  on their own, having different segment focusing on the them “what it’s like to play like children.”

Here’s one subbed segment that I found: 

The reason why I posted article was because Kim Yoo Jung went to the Philippines for her first scuba diving experience. This is special for me since that’s my country. Had I known earlier I would have searched where she went diving and hopefully post pictures. It would be too much to ask if I could meet her but that would be really nice. Anyway, she was given an under-water mission, and tried to complete this mission by scuba diving. She enjoyed the new experience. We see Kim Yoo Jung is playing in the water in the picture below:

“Six member’s expedition to the Philippines will be divided into three episodes. “Mak Irae Show: Just Do It Expedition” will finish its first season with the last episode of the Philippines episodes and will come back to the fans after a month long break in April.

Fans will be able to see Kim Yoo Jung’s first attempt at scuba diving on Tooniverse “Mak Ee Rae Show: Just Do It Expedition” on March 2 at 7pm KST. ” (Which is tonight! I hope there’s a video for this.)

Source soompi

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