Valerie’s POV

This is the second of the five one-shots for Forgotten Flames. You can actually read any of the POV in any order you want. One doesn’t really affect the other. Each just give a bit of the overall image the story was suppose to be about. 


I hear the shuffling footsteps growing closer. I looked up to see a gruff prison guard opening my cage. The boss enters and pulls my hair. I yelp in my pain. He stared at me with violent and fuming eyes and tries to ask about the black box that Harvey had. I just kept silent. The boss finally snapped and beat me up once more before he left.

I feel so weak.  My arms can’t handle these heavy shackles anymore. All I could do to pass the time was reminisce everything we once had.

Your “I love you,” your sweet kisses and your warmth that I long for once more. The happy and thrilling times with our low-key relationship. We made quite a team back then. The strongest sweeper and the sharpest hacker, we were unbeatable. That was until that fateful day….. You were gone.

I cried myself to sleep for the past year. Knowing you would be ashamed to see me like that, I decided to go on a vacation. I knew it was you when I bumped into you. But you brushed me aside like a stranger. Not wanting to give up, I told the boss I would patrol the area.

It broke my heart to find out he was with someone else already. That didn’t matter as long as he remembered me. When glimpses of his past slowly returned, he became conflicted with him to choose. Josh warned me to stay away from him even before that. If only I listened….

I was just a bait for finding Harvey. How did they know he would be alive? The months I’ve been mourning for him, were they just for naught? I’ve been reliving the same nightmare of the night of countless bloodshed, over and over. Now I realize that it’s the reality that I can’t escape from.

I gritted my teeth and tried to let the tears fall. But they just couldn’t come out because I’m all dried up. I hope you’re still alive even if it means me disappearing….


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