Josh’s POV

The third one-shot for Forgotten Flames. With this, our first love triangle is completed.


I open my eyes and see a white ceiling. I turned to the side feeling an acute pain coming for my neck and back. I spotted a dextrose beside me and realized that I’m in the hospital. Then I remembered how I ended up here because of my unrequited love.


Valerie’s hollow and tired face from the aftermath of Operation Delilah where everyone from our organization thought Harvey died in the explosion. The numerous tears she shed in the darkness because of this. I could only watch from the sidelines as she continued to sink in misery. I loved her but I didn’t want to be a rebound or a tool for her to forget him. So I just kept wearing my jester’s mask, hoping even by just a bit, she’ll start to be happy again.


She took off for a week. I heard from the boss, she’ll decided to patrol a certain city. I didn’t follow her knowing that she’s doing this move on. Six months passed before I was told to check up on her. To my surprise, a man who looked identical to Harvey was there alive and well….. How could that be? I came by several times to warn Valerie. Unfortunately, the organization knew about this. It was too late, I couldn’t save her from being taken away.


I wailed as tried removing the contraptions in my body. The nurse couldn’t control me. She had to call back up to restrain me. Finally, I felt a needle pierce my skin, the tranquilizer slowly flowed through my veins.  I gradually felt sleepier. It’s no use, I was to weak to protect her……

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