In Focus: Park Shin Hye in the music scene

This news is not all that new, but for my love for Park Shin Hye made me feel like posting this.

1) MBC’s Music and Lyrics

She is the new muse for this romantic reality TV show, which premiered last February 24. Here are her promotional materials:

“Music and Lyrics” is a show which pairs up a top actress with one of the best musicians and lets them work on their own personal song for a month and perform it later on. Park Shin Hye pairs with Yoon Jun for this show. Yoon Gun has produced many hit songs from his days as a member of Brown Eyes, and has appeared as a music mentor for Mnet’s Superstar K2 and MBC′s The Great Birth.

Yoon Gun and Park Shin Hye did not know who their partners were until the day of the shoot.

Here are some clips (raw versions) of one particular episode:

Park Shin Hye and Yoon Gun Lovey Dovey Together?

In one episode, Park Shin Hye and Yoon Gun enjoyed a late-night club date, which was Yoon Gun’s idea. “He planned this special surprise birthday party for Park Shin Hye, so that the two could forget about the stress of working and enjoy the time being. Park Shin Hye danced to SISTAR‘s “Ma Boy.” A source tells Park Shin Hye’s sexy wave dance put a big smile on Yoon Gun’s face and he could not wipe it off for a while.”

Let’s continue to wish her well in this program. :))

2) Lee Seung Gi’s MV

She appeared in Lee Seung Gi‘s debut Japanese music video titled, “Time for Love.” They look so adorable together. Imagine if the MV was actually a drama! Man, I would dub them as the OTP (One True Pair)!

Here’s a preview:

Below is part 1 of the full-length MV:

Can you believe it’s already 6 minutes? Awww, just too much cute.


Source couchkimchi |dkpopkpopstarz| soompi| ockoala [1| 2]

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