Thea’s POV

The fourth one-shot for Forgotten Flames. This is my personal favorite but of course, it might be different for you. 


Coming to my senses, I realized I was leaning on the wall, holding a glass of wine that has spilled over the floor for hours. What a mess I have become because of one man. How pathetic. I have succumbed to the kind of woman I have always despised….

I got up and wobbly walked to the sofa. I fell on top of the pillows. Still feeling delirious, I could barely lift my head up, although my eyes locked on the frame on the tableside. It was a picture of Harvey and I taken a year ago before things got messed up. I started to cry hysterically. Why did you capture my heart? I wasn’t supposed to fall in love, stupid.  I threw the frame at the wall. Hearing it crash and break, I started to throw everything I could get hold of. When I finally felt satisfied and calm, I noticed that I was breathing really hard and my whole body was quivering.  I dropped to my knees and recalled what has happened.

I was assigned by the organization to pretend to be in love with Harvey so I can divulge information from him about the black box.  It was difficult since his memories were lost. But his innocent side, showed me another side of the world that I closed my eyes to. I slowly fell for him as time passed, even though I told myself not to. That period of my life was so blissful but every dream has to end..… Right?

Valerie suddenly arrived one day. She triggered his past to return. He was changing unconsciously. I knew his heart really belonged to her but it’s just so painful to acknowledge what you thought was yours, is being taken back by another. He just disappeared from my grasp. I made myself think that this is for the best since I was losing focus.

I was right. But in the end, I rashly followed my heart and disobeyed what my head was saying…. That’s because letting go is harder than I thought. Indeed, love makes you do crazy things. I betrayed the organization and tried to protect him. How could he have changed one who was known as a sly fox?

I looked around my surroundings once more. I slapped myself on the cheek and laughed like a mad woman for ending up in this situation. If only I could escape from this reality…..


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