Blake’s POV

The fifth and final one-shot for Forgotten Flames. I hope you enjoyed each part. Maybe if I have the time in the future, I might decide to pick it up again. 


In my hand, I reloaded the gun. The sound of its sharp click rejuvenates my mind. I aimed for the target and shot continuously until the bullets ran out. I repeat these motions once again but I feel so numb with anger. Why was she so stupid?

The sight of Thea wounded and running away in the dark of night is trapped in my mind. The only female I ever admired and loved is gone or was it me who changed? I closed my eyes and drift back to a time only we both knew.

The only one that can stand beside a fox is a wolf.  To become one, I trained day and night just to get strong enough for her to acknowledge me. I didn’t want to be a mere subordinate. I wanted to be able to stand by her side as her partner. I was a kluzty and soft person who couldn’t do anything. She couldn’t rely on me.

She left for the black box mission. I was so hurt and probably ended up turning into a demon without realizing. Because when I came to my senses, my hands were bloodied. I became a ripper who no longer cared. Seeing how powerful I am, she couldn’t believe it. But she still didn’t want me despite that…. Why? Everything I did was for you!!!!

My blood shot eyes popped open.  I will fight until you finally accept, even you don’t like the next method I will use. Please, wait for that time to come. I shot the gun in the air. I smiled, knowing who my next target would be.

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