Life As We Know It [FIXED]

Another friend who I shall be calling Hobo Trekker, answered Rogue Flower’s problem in a different way. He used imagery that will rack your brains up.  I had to make diagrams for this post, just so it’ll make more sense.  Forgive me for the rough and boring pictures, I was too lazy to actually edit and make them look pretty.

 Wait. I don’t even remember Rogue Flower’s problem – Well, just a little recap. She said that society categorized people according to its standards. She felt so lonely seeing everyone together and thought that there was no one to match her since she’s different.

Hobo Trekker’s response to that was:

Imagine this is you.

Then this is the world.

You are viewing the world in this way……

But what you don’t is that there are so many other people thinking that way.

Eventually the many me’s out there become the world itself. We compose the world!

Ok. Breathe. Absorb the thought before we move on to the next part.

What we viewed earlier is only one side, more known as the side line.

The Me’s so engrossed with themselves that they forget to actually interact with the world.

So once we cross over to the world, we begin to understand more about ourselves and others.

We realize that we’re not special since there is someone who can do what we do. But the only time we’re not special is when we compare ourselves to others. Ok it sounds redundant at this point….. What I’m trying to say is that someone will be similar to you except the experiences that make you and that person is the one different.

The summary of this entry: We are all the same and quite different at the same time. We should look at everything both ways since there might be a perspective we’re missing out in.


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