March Drama First Impressions

Yay! It’s the month where new dramas have come. There were just so much titles to choose from, below are 4 network dramas that I decided to pick up: Rooftop Prince, King 2 Hearts, Equator Man, and Love Rain.

Rooftop Prince, also known as Attic King

Expectations: Moderate

Verdict: Good

This for me was my most anticipated drama for March! The premise was very different yet thrilling to see. Time Travel! This drama had the most promotional material. There were practically 10 posts a week in different blogging sites. It’s funny how strongly attached I am to this drama just based on that. I don’t really know most of the cast. The only ones I’ve seen were Han Ji Min (Padam Padam) and Lee Min Ho (The Moon Embraces the Sun). They weren’t as stellar in their respective dramas (well more for Han Ji Min really) so I hope could see them shine in Rooftop Prince. After two episodes, I can say this drama didn’t fail me. Although the first episode was a bit messy, the time skips weren’t very smooth. Also, there so much ideas being put together. This was needed to establish the plot. But the second episode fared better since things were finally moving along smoothly. So why was my verdict good? Because it was a light-hearted comedy. It’s the type that could stay consistent throughout its 20 episode run. Pee in your pants comedy is only good in the beginning, which is why it’s refreshing that it decided to go another direction. The OTP here were so adorable although there were some details that surprised me. I can’t predict where this is going because there’s just so many awesome possibilities. Even if it come out on top, this is something you’ll enjoy throughly.

King 2 Hearts

Expectations: Low

Verdict: Middling

I swear the title sounds like Disney’s Kingdom Hearts. Despite the ridiculous name change from “The King”, I was originally looking forward to this since I thought this was the work of the Hong Sisters, the duo behind You’re Beautiful. Apparently there’s another set of Hong Sisters, whose previous works such as Beethoven Virus, weren’t really good. I stuck to the drama anyway since I was already invested and excited about it. Also, the premise seemed really interesting. I feel like this drama is a nice contrast to Korean Peninsula/Habando. Don’t you think so too? Anyway, it might just be me but I thought Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won looked amazing together. There a smothering chemistry that I see between them that I can’t find in Cha Seung Won (who was offered the lead role before declining). King 2 Hearts wasn’t anything like I expected it to be. A farce. I loved the characterization done on our main characters. They did not fit any stereotypical and overused role. Instead they embraced their respective position and added a human touch. I like how each of their weakness has been apparent even if it’s just the beginning. I enjoyed Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won’s bickering. It was quite entertaining and funny to watch. Although despite their amazing acting, I wasn’t able to connect to show like how I wanted to be.

Equator Man

Expectation: Indifference

Verdict: Great!

This drama didn’t have as much promotional material unlike the previous two dramas above, so it wasn’t on my radar until they casted Lee Joon Hyuk! I was a fan of his character Kim Young Joo in City Hunter. He has great acting ability, which isn’t given much exposure. I really wanted to see what else he could do, which is why I jumped on board this drama. Why not? The rest of the cast (whom I don’t know aside from Siwan) had good credentials to their names. Also the one who penned this drama was the person who made The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry. I didn’t watch the drama, but instead I read the recaps over dramabeans. I enjoyed the story immensely. I felt like I would have picked it up immediately if there weren’t that much dramas piling up my watch list. Back to Equator Man, after two episodes I can say that it had the most solid opening. Every detail was spot on. The directing, the acting, the pacing and the story. I’m so intrigued and curious with what will happen next. The directing and cinematography so niceeee! The angles especially on the umbrella scene in episode 1 was beautiful. For the acting, I was surprised at what Siwan was actually capable of. I thought he was just a pretty boy but I was wrong. Off topic: Because of this drama, I think Siwan would probably do great with his upcoming sitcom. His acting career is definitely off onto a good start. Back to this drama, the rest of the child cast didn’t do bad, but its not on par with the Moon that Embraces the Sun. Nevertheless, they were able to impart the right emotions to get us into the story, whose plot I can barely predict. I thought this would be a revenge-greed type of story but it seems more complicated than that. I think this will be the next  Resurrection or Memories of Bali level kind of drama. I’m glad it has higher ratings than its predecessor, Wild Romance although more people should give this a chance.

Funny how I’m watching all the network dramas shown in the Wed-Thurs timeslot.

Love Rain

Expectation: Indifference

Verdict: Middling

I forgot the reason why this was even part of the list. It was probably due to the hype it was getting back in 2011. I was surprised to see Jang Geun Suk with a totally different look. I prefer his darker bad boy look compared to his new one here though. (His modern look kinda makes up for his weird hair in the 80s) As for Yoona, I was surprised how many haters she has. Nobody was amazed with her acting skills in her previous dramas, You are My Destiny and Cinderella Man. This dampened my interest. I guess I still watched this because I was slightly interested with the plot, being a period drama. So did history actually repeat itself? Well we will find that out later on. The first two episodes focused on the 70s period. I was forewarned through the trailers that it would be cheezy and made more for our parent’s generation. I had to agree. I’m not a fan of first love kind of thing but Jang Geun Suk was able to pull it off. I’m surprised how he could show such soft emotions. It was quite a contrast to his douche You’re Beautiful image. Even though the feel, cinematography and acting were good the fact that we had to deal with noble idiots was a little disappointing. Love Rain is off to a good start, I just hope I won’t get burned along the way.


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