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Finally, my hell month is over! To relieve myself of the stress as well as to start my ever so short summer break with a bang, I decided to go on a movie marathon. There’s a total of 8 movies, which I watched in a span of a week.

Penny-Pinching Romance

Expectations: Indifference

Verdict: Good

I couldn’t resist putting it in my watch list since I saw good comments over at a review in dramabeans. The premise was too good to not watch at all. And I was thinking this was perfect! A rom-com to boost up my miserable spirit after exams. Right? Well was it able to?  Yes, definitely! I was pleasantly surprised with this quirky movie. It’s like a dark comedy although you couldn’t totally label it as that. I love the premise wherein penny pincher, Hong-Shil gets into a two-month money scheming contract with lazy bum Ji-woong. We learn about her philosophies in life, which makes us see how she’s a very distant and aloof girl. She’s not greedy but has a compulsion to save every single penny. Ji-woong learns the value of money and in turn, teaches the Hong Shil how to socialize. That makes a perfect couple! I don’t know how to explain why this is good except it has to do with the sinking and solid feeling it gives you.

The Man From Nowhere

Expectations: Indifference

Verdict: Middling

I decided to watch this because of a review I saw in kaedejun’s blog. Since I haven’t seen an action film in awhile, why not try this instead? It definitely reminded me of Liam Neeson’s Taken. Although I was a bit disappointed with the action scenes, it was too simple. I thought it would be a bit flashier, but then again it had clear fight scenes unlike a movie I will be discussing below. Also, I had difficulty connecting with this movie and I’m sure it’s not due to the graphic nudity. On the good side, it was riddled with a lot of symbolism. We have here two jaded and lonely characters, each trying to find meaning in their lives. Won Bin displayed stellar acting. I was amazed with each emotion he displayed. The fact that it didn’t have any lines was more difficult to portray but he managed to pull it off. It’s up to you to decide whether the good weighs more than the bad, but it’s still worth watching.

Crucible, also known as Silenced

Expectations: Indifference

Verdict: Good

I was curious about this movie since Gong Yoo (Coffee Prince) was in it. I saw a comment on their press-con pictures how the child actress shine even after filming something heavy. I like the dark-themed shows in general so I got curious. The main topic this movie covers is about abuse. My two younger sisters did research papers on human trafficking so I felt this was something timely to watch. It was something hard to watch. We see the ugly side of human beings. You have to question how there are monsters who would do something like that to innocent children. But despite the evil that resides in the world, there will always be hope. I found the lighting too dark, sometimes the figure of the person could hardly be seen. Nonetheless, it’s a real eye-opener you should check out. It really reminded me of the book, How to Kill a Mockingbird.

Speedy Scandal

Expectations:  Indifference

Verdict: Good

I was looking up Korean actors and actress when came upon this movie. I thought the lead star Park Bo Young was going to be in Equator Man. I was impressed how much awards she got for her role in this movie so I decided to check it out. Plus the plot wasn’t too shabby…. Although I later found out I got the surname wrong, it was supposed to be Lee Bo Young. My mistake. Oh well, it was good one though since I really enjoyed the movie. It had an easy-going feel coupled with extremely funny antics and beautiful music. The quality and cinematography is very good. The background setting was just amazing to look at. I just love the actors! They did a great job portraying their respective roles. The PD is seriously good. No wonder he’s part of the top 15 film directors in Korea. I recommend this to  everyone!


Expectations: Indifference

Verdict: Great!

I knew about Sunny through the 2011 film review at thundie’s prattle.  It looked interesting and I do want to know how it was like in the 80s. It felt like a good background check for Love Rain. I only found out now that this has the same PD, Kang Hyung-cheol with Speedy Scandal. He did a nice job with this movie. It was such an enjoyable thing to watch especially for someone who wasn’t even born in this time period. It had a simple light hearted feel, but the upbeat colors, music and cinematography will definitely keep you hooked. There were small comical moments that made me laugh. I loved the transitions with the time skips. You can see how each character has changed over the years. They were able to tackle so much aspects on live: first love, fitting in and most importantly friendships. What I loved about this the most was the message. Even if the friends drifted apart through time and have unsuccessful lives, they will always be Sunny. I hope you can see that in this movie as well. THIS IS A MUST WATCH!

Bow, The Ultimate Weapon, also known as The War of the Arrows

Expectations: Moderate

Verdict: Middling

I watched this because of my love for Moon Chae-won in The Princess’ Man. Because of that drama and her success in this movie, she has become the ultimate go girl for saeguks. I don’t think their mistaken with that description at all. The movie plot, which got a bit of my interest, was another thing, which made me look forward to watch this during my break. Moon Chae-won’s characterization for Ja-in was amazing. No matter she won an award for this movie. That’s how girls should be fiesty warriors instead of damsels in distress. She was the only character I really cared about.  I personally couldn’t connect to the movie much, probably cause I’m not familiar with Korean history. It was hard for me to understand the purpose of the grand scenario. Also, I would have wanted more dialogue. All I remember seeing were fight and run scenes that I fast forwarded at some points.  Nevertheless, the plot structure and the pacing were well done. The visuals and cinematography were stunning. Watch this if you’re a fan of action and saeguks, you’ll probably enjoy it more that way.

Colorful (Animated Movie)

Expectations: Moderate

Verdict: Middling

As you’ve noticed, most of the movies here are from reviews. This one is no different. It had good comments over at Lost in Anime, Guardian Enzo’s official anime blog. He’s my favorite writer over at Randomc Curiosity. Anime fans would probably know about that site. Since I’d like to think we have the same views over the things we watch, I decided to give it a shot. I searched for the plot and it was soooo unique that I fell in love with the concept immediately. As I was watching the movie, I found it hard to grasp the message. I’m not a sexist but I think this is meant more for boys. Girls don’t easily commit suicide over the reasons explored in the movie. There are statistics to prove that. Anyway, the final parts of the movie made up for my failed expectations. I think it was important that we got to explore each aspect in a daily life of a teenager: academic standing, friendship problems, first love, bullying and family. Regardless, the animation was one of the best I’ve ever seen! The keen details that make it seem like a moving painting was just so visually pleasing. I think later on I’ll be able to appreciate the movie as a whole. For some weird reason, anime movies tend to sink in much later for me.

Hunger Games

Expectations: Moderate-High

Verdict: Middling

I was a big fan of the book. Peeta ❤ So of course, I would want to watch the movie as well! Although seeing how it was getting the Twilight treatment and how I wasn’t too in love with the cast, my high expectations were gradually lowered. That was a good thing, ultimately since I wasn’t too disappointed. The movie was alright, it covered most of the important points of the book. It was told in the third person point of view so the extremely funny thoughts of Katniss weren’t included. Although, the fight scenes were so blurry. I got a headache figuring out who was who. But the director, Gary Ross did a good job with the imagery. I really felt the hallucinations and explosions in Katniss. I felt like they wasted time with showing the Game Keepers and how the games were run. The movie was good since I didn’t feel the time pass at all. I wouldn’t mind having two parts for the next movies since I would love more scenes to be covered. Everything aside, the biggest consolation for this whole movie was Cato played by Alexander Ludwig. Wow, he’s so hot. I wish he played Peeta instead.


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