Weekly News Update- March 25 to March 31, 2012

So did you miss this little segment while I was on hiatus? I sure did! Anyway, I first and foremost apologize for the last update. There was a glitch that occurred so the re-updated file got lost. I only noticed it now. But bygones are bygones, so let’s just see what’s in stored for us this week:

CELEBRITY NEWSPark Shi Hoo to Hold Japanese Fan Meetings

  • While Moon Chae Won is having a fan meeting in Korea, her the Princess’ Man co-star Park Shi Hoo will have his in Japan on the same date! What a coincidence, right?
  • Speaking of, Lee Jun Ki had a fan meeting in Japan as well. Although the location was just in Yokohama (read more) He is also busy with his album, Deucer. Here’s a link to the teaser


  • Ghost casts its second leads: Eom Ki-joon and Daniel Choi! They will be acting alongside leads So Ji Sub and Lee Yeon-hee. This cyber-thriller drama will premiere after Rooftop Prince in May.
  • Daily sitcom Standby, which will be replacing High Kick 3 on April 2. (Click link for the full cast and description.)
  • Another show ready for its upcoming premiere is tVN’s Queen In-hyun’s Man. (read more)
  • Full House 2 still has no Korean network picking it up despite the fact is has sold its rights to Japan and China already.
  • Kim So-eun is casted in jTBC’s Happy Endings. It’s premise is a disease-terminal sickness on the father’s part. (read more)

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