Hiiro no Kakera First Impressions

I know this very late but I wanted all the spring anime first impressions to be close together. As I mentioned in my preview, I wanted to see if it’s premise would be enough to beat the likes of Harukanaku Toki and Shinsengumi. So what’s my verdict?

Summary: Our heroine Tamaki Kasuga returns to a small country village where her grandma lives in. She encounters supernatural beings and was only able to escape because of Takuma Onizaki. She finds out from that she is the next Princess Tamayori. She meets her other guardians, Mahiro Atori and Yuuichi Komura in school.

Thoughts: This was a solid opening with a good storyline and animation. Although despite that, it didn’t give me a single tinge of excitement. I remained indifferent throughout the episode. I like how Tamaki was unsure and a little scared about her surroundings. But the fact that she is aware she could see them doesn’t connect to why she’s hesitant and scared about being the next Princess Tamayori.  I also how different each guardian is and have interesting characterization. Let’s see how this will continue to play out.

Initial Rating: 7.5/10


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