Accel World First Impressions

The first two episodes were shown ahead of its April 6 premiere date. What’s my verdict on Spring’s second most anticipated anime?

Mini-Recap: The anime is set in a virtual world wherein Neuro-links are used. It’s a collar that connects humans to a cyber-reality. Enter our main character, Haruyuki Arita who is a short, fat kid who is always getting bullied. To escape his miserable situation, he plays squash racket in the virtual world. It’s no surprise that his avatar is a pig. Nevertheless, he is quite skilled in the game. Proof of this is the fact all the high scores are his. This was until Kuroyukihime (in English: Black Snow Princess), the most popular girl in school decided to an application called Brain Burst, which enables it’s users to “accelerate their thought processes”. This concept is the very core of this show. It allows them to project themselves out of their physical bodies and the “social cameras” embedded around them. One second in the real world is around 16 minutes for Burst users. You can literally change your future because of that additional time. What Kuroyukihime forgot to mention was the downside to all this. You apparently get a new avatar representing your fears. Haruyuki becomes a metal fighter known as Silver Crow. He gets challenged by Ash Rider and get defeated. Because of that his usage of Brain Burst went down by 10 points. So in order to maintain the Brain Burst application, he needs to fight other users and not overuse his points. After these were explained by Kuroyukihime, he decided to challenge Ash Rider again. This time he was able to defeat him. The episode ends with Chiyuri confronting Kuroyukihime and Haruyuki.

Thoughts: OMG IT’S FILLED WITH PURE AWESOMENESS! This did not get my attention immediately but I’m so glad it didn’t go pass my radar. It is to be expected that it would have a high quality animation, since this is a sci-fi themed anime. Not only that, it also has a wonderful story and pacing. They were able to explain the concepts in an exciting way. I just hope that it won’t get predictable later on. Character wise, I can see they will have in-depth development later. I’m intrigued about Kuroyukihime. How did she acquire her the Brain Burst? Why doesn’t she use her new avatar? What level is she in? So much questions in just two episodes. I can’t believe it’s only slated for 24 episodes, it deserves to be 50 on my watch. Can’t wait for the next episodes already!

Spring 2012 Accel World

Initial Rating: 10/10 It’s that good since I rarely give out 10s and instead of a summary, I actually gave a mini-recap. 


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