Medaka Box First Impressions

This was the anime that I had lowest expectations for. Did it manage to change after I watched it, what’s my verdict then?

Summary: Kurokami Medaka wins the student council president elections by a landslide. This was due to her idea of a suggestion box that is meant to solve the problems of the students all-year round. She tries to convince her unwilling childhood friend, Zenkichi to join her cabinet. The first problem was with the kendo club and a guy named Hyuga. Medaka was able to solve it and we see Zenkichi’s resolve.

Thoughts: This reminded me of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, except it was better. Medaka embodies the craziness that Haruhi has — super human strength, speaking skills, etc. What’s different about her was the reason she does all these because of her superiority complex. It’s funny how helping strangers boots this ego of hers. Medaka’s relationship with Zenkichi, my official favorite character for this series is quite integral. It’s interesting how Medaka is the one who always leads him, while he reluctantly follows and protects her. Romance can actually be developed between those two, seeing how deep their bonds are already. I think it will be something amazing and not those cliche I realize I love my childhood best friend kind of thing. Zenkichi is like Taichi Mashima (Chihayafuru)¬†knowing he’s not as great as Medaka and doesn’t want to feel like a failure next to her. Yet, he likes her and wants to help in her dream. I can’t wait to see his character be fleshed out in the next episodes. If they give him an in-depth emotional focus, this anime will continue to elevate in my eyes.

Initial Rating: 9/10

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