Tasogare Otome x Amnesia First Impressions

This was one of my most anticipated Spring animes. Was the wait worth it?

Summary: Okonogi was doing daytime duty for the paranormal activities club. There were movements around her, which she didn’t notice. Niiya enters and there’s a funny sequence where she thinks he can read her mind. Later Kirie joins in as well, she knows full well why Niiya is acting like that. They do club activities by visiting the lunch shaft. The events from earlier are repeated except we actually see the ghost, Yuuko. Then they end up investigating Yuuko’s supposed grave by the hill. The episode ends knowing who Yuuko is.

Thoughts: This anime has probably the best animation for this season (in terms of what I’m watching since I know Fate/Zero is the best). The movement and three dimensional effect to it, reminds me of Bakemonogatari. It’s not only beautiful but also ideal for this kind of story. I wasn’t expecting a paranormal activities club, but its addition is quite hilarious. Most especially Okonogi! She is basically correct in her assumptions except she’s so blind to her surroundings. A paradoxical character indeed. I like Kirie as well, a perfect foil to Okonogi’s character. Then we have our main characters, Niiya and Yuuko. I think there’s dynamics are typical but let’s see how it’ll develop later on. Despite my praises for this anime, it only set-up the premise of the show. I wish they did more since this is only slated for 12 episodes.

Initial Rating: 9/10

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