Upcoming Animes

These were all posted already in Lost in Anime but  I just wanted to share this news as well since ALL the animes listed are stuff I actually like.

First off is Little Busters! There were rumors back in 2009 that this would premiere then but it didn’t push through. I’m so glad this will go into production after waiting for 3 years. I’m a big Key fan, I’ve watched all their works so I can’t wait to see this. A lot of people want Kyoto Animation to animate this, but the privilege goes to JC Staff. No definite announcement when it’ll premiere but it’ll most likely be in Winter 2013.

Second is Minami-Ke! I love the melo feel of this anime, I was reminded of that kind of feel because of Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai. I definitely missed Kana-chan and her banters with her two adorable sisters. No definite announcement which season it’ll premiere as well.

Finally, Robotics Note! If you’re a fan of Chaos; Head and Steins; Gate, you definitely enjoy this! Nuff said. Can’t wait for Fall season to come for this anime. I hope I get mind blown like in Steins; Gate.


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