Ginga e Kickoff! First Impressions

I was so scared this wouldn’t get subbed. 5 episodes out and it took more than a week before it did. Figures, this isn’t a popular anime to begin with.

Summary: Oota Shou was informed that the sixth grade team was cut. Most of the members wanted a normal coach and most were preparing for the entrance exams until Shou was the only left behind. He meets Takato Erika who used to play for the Dandelions in Osaka. He tries to convince her to join the team to no avail. They go to school to inform the manager but ultimately fail. They need to a coach. In a turn of events, they end up playing with a female pro player and managed to score a goal. Although she can’t be their coach, she assures them they’ll find someone capable to do so.

Thoughts: This is definitely a kid’s show like it was marketed. The anime had a very simple plot but I was hoping for more action. I get the feeling this might turn out like Prince of Tennis, having out of this world moves. I just like the animation but that’s about it. The quality is quite high for a sports anime.

Initial Rating: 5/10


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