Sakamichi no Apollon First Impressions

I saw Guardian Enzo’s comments for this in Random Curiosity. It seemed interesting plus it’s only 11 episodes, being a NoitaminA series so I’m sure I can squeeze this in my busy schedule.

Summary: Nishimi Kaoru recently transferred schools once more. Despite being a top student, he has difficulty adjusting due to bullying events. He meets Sentaro who is described as a thug by everyone due to the rooftop key incident. Ever since meeting him, we could breathe a little bit more and isn’t as scared as he initially is. His father is a pianist, so this affected his inclination to classical music. He was suppose to buy classical records in Ritsuko’s shop but he ends up buying jazz music due to the sound of Sentaro’s drum.

Thoughts: I thought it might be another Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad because of the high school student getting into music concept, but this anime is WAY better. It actually gave me  Nodame Cantabile vibes (without the comedy though)! This is true to life despite the decade the setting is in. I like how the focus this time is jazz instead of the common classical music. I also like how it incorporate darker themes such as bullying.

Initial Rating: 8/10


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