Uchuu Kyoudai First Impressions

Another of my last minute addition to my already busy Spring watchlist. I saw comments on another blog last week. I wanted to wait for it to finish before I decide to pick it up but I prefer watching anime in simulcast.

Summary: Mutta described how he and his younger brother, Hibito were born and one important childhood encounter. Then we flash forward to the future. Hibito is in a NASA press conference on his upcoming travel to the moon. He mentions that his older brother was suppose to be one step ahead of him. The focus shifts to Mutta and sadly, it was the opposite that happened. He recently got fired in the automobile company he was working for due to headbutting the supervisor. He begins job hunting but no other automobile company wants to accept him. Mom tells Hibito about Mutta’s situation. After another depressing day for Mutta, he receives a text from Hibito telling him to look for a tape he recorded. Apparently it was that childhood encounter. At the end of the tape, he recalls the promise he made. The following week he got accepted into the application he wanted.

Thoughts: It was a very good start! Most space shows like Twin Spica or Sora no Manimani focuses on dreams of becoming an astronaut, and exploring the stars and beyond. But this anime is on the other side of the spectrum, showing the point in life wherein you were able to make that dream happen or not. I like how this show gives us that contrast in the form of two brothers. People usually expect the older brother to be better, to be one step ahead. But Mutta here is the complete opposite, he’s not one without the job or nowhere near that dream. It really resonated with me, being the eldest since I know how it feels like being surpassed by my younger siblings. You don’t feel jealous because you’re happy for them but you’re in this kind of rut, trying to figure out what you should do in life. The pacing was well-done since Mutta’s narration is quite lyrical and easy to get into. I hope it continues to do better, seeing that the pilot episode was interesting.

Initial Rating: 9.5/10

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