Unfinished Series Wrap Up of The Moon that Embraces the Sun

I didn’t finish this analysis as I hoped. It was too time-consuming especially since school started again. Well this is what I have written so far if you’re interested…..


Note: This is not a review but an in-depth analysis. There are spoilers every where so I suggest you finish the show before reading since this post is meant for discussion.

I placed this drama on hold for awhile due to my busy schedule, but I managed to find time and marathon it all week. I actually finished the drama the other week but it took some time to finish this. I don’t understand why I loved it so much as I did, considering it was filled with many plot holes. There was a certain magic in it to be able to sustain those 40% ratings — making it a bona vide hit. It managed to keep viewers, like me hooked in spite of the disappointments and wasted potential along the way. Below are my criticisms with what worked and what didn’t. I may sound harsh but don’t get me wrong, I loved the drama. It gave me my first drama crack in the longest time, particularly the childhood portion. So without further ado, here’s my series wrap-up.

The plot began…. the problem was it only touched the surface. Obvious, blah, blah blah

What a cheap fakeou the sword fighting scene in episode 17 was. They showed a situation where one would see the two brothers in a immer light. IT was a stupid arguement.

They dragged on stuff that could have been done in one episode.

Let’s explore several important characters and how pivotal their respective roles are.

Lee Hwon

As a character:

For the acting: Kim Soo Hyun carried the show. The burden on him was the greatest and he didn’t disappoint. Hahaha, no wonder there’s a KSH Syndrome going around. I’m probably infected with it as well. lol


Heo Yeon Woo/ Wol

As a character: She is described as a smart and kind-hearted girl. She knows how to think and get back on her feet. The letter exchange with young Hwon owned my heart. She gave him riddles, which had to be solved and not those cliche words of love. As an adult, she still is sharp being able to figure out one of the guards in episode 7. She also retained her ideal of caring for the citizens. In the same scene, she let all the commoners in the line. These are the qualities that made us love her so much. She’s no damsel in distress. Well that was until she go reunited with Hwon. She suddenly turned into a weak woman, trying to link herself to him. How did she fall in love with him as Wol when he didn’t do anything for her except give a name. It’s different from Seol because she was still treated as a mere object– easily thrown away. I found it tiresome to see her as a talisman just watching over Hwon and how she can alleviate his sadness. She knows she doesn’t have powers but she still insists to stay by his side. Of course this causes a series of problems because of the jealous queen but how they handled this sub-plot was the weakest point of the drama. When she gets her memory back and find out the whole truth, she did nothing. Nok Kyung told her the two choices she can make but she made Hwon decide for her. He wanted to restore everything back to its proper place. Then she took a back seat, and watched him do it. I was annoyed how she stayed in the hidden room just reading books since her knight in shining armor has arrived. She should have spring into action the moment she found out. What was the point of investigating the truth then? It would have been cool if she became a vengeful person, wanting her wasted years back. Then Hwon would save her from the darkness that would begin to eat her up. But again, she’s too kind-hearted for that, if ever she could still… Think Steins Gate.


Prince Yang Myung

He reminded me of Seiran of Saiunkoku Monogatari. This is because of the brother love triangle situation and also, the sadness of being unwanted in everyway. HE is a prince who never will get the crown. Its more painful because he’s the older one. He accepts that fact but the one thing he wanted was also taken from…. Bu the same person. I was so disappointed with the way he writers decided to finish him off. Seriously, yoo’re willing to accept the spear that you could have avoided. He did that so his brother can be safe, and no conspirators will ever decide to use him against his brother. He died of a noble idiot’s death.

Jung II Woo nailed this character. Although, I think he was wasted since he’s too goo for the part actually. He has a naturally goofy face, which works perfectly in those funny or satirical moments. Then the sadness and anger were all evident when necessary. I swear there were times I was second lead shipping because of him


The Love Triangle

I had to admit there were so many cute moments.


Yoon Bo Kyung


Princess Min Hwa

She had a playful and cheerful personality, which brought with her up to adulthood. I don’t get how she played the evil role when all she did was be the vessel. I mean come on, she was a kid how….About her line. In the beginning I was angry at her but it makes sense she would say that. Because she knew her sin, delusion that she didn’t regret it.

She has been obsessed with only one man, Yeom ever since the moment she laid eyes on him. She wanted him so bad that she agreed with the Queen Dowager.


Heo Yeom


Woon or Un



As a character: She’s someone who we can do away without. All we ever saw her do was follow and “protect” Wol. What happened to her supposedly wicked fighting skills? We finally got to see it in episode 19 but it led to her untimely demise, trying to protect Yeon. I actually cried at the part where she was in his arms. Her purpose in this whole show was just to basically say that she has done her job and that agassi is still alive. Seol was just additional water works to stat the oh so grand finale.

For the acting: I have to admit Yoon Seung Ah is quite pretty but she still has ways to improve. Her eyes do not express the sadness and pain it should. Well other than that, we can’t really judge since she was barely on screen.


Nok Kyung


Jan Shil


Queen Dowager and the other conspirators




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