What’s the Purpose of My Existence?

We all strive for our dreams. Hoping that in by achieving them, in this life time, we can be remembered by. I think everyone has believed they were destined to be someone great. But are we really?

There are countless people who thought that but ended up like everyone else. So it can be said that in the course of achieving this greatness, you have to stand out from the rest. In reality, that’s almost impossible unless you were blessed with some kind of genius genes.

Being determined and focused can only get you so far. You will come across so much challenges and failures, that you will start to doubt what you’re capable of. It now becomes a question of, do you continue or not? Are you willing to settle at everyone’s level? Is being content with that alright?

For me, I personally don’t want to settle at mediocracity. I don’t want to just good enough. Although, even if I want to be the best, it seems so out of my reach. Seriously sometimes I don’t even know why I’m still trying. I don’t know if any of you has felt this way as well. If ever, I pose this question to you, “So why are we even continuing to live if our existence doesn’t amount to much?”

It’s a loaded question that nobody has a real answer to even at our deathbeds. But regardless, even if we don’t fulfill what we were intended for. The people who have touched our lives as well as those we have changed will somehow remember us. Like the famous saying goes, “To the world, you are someone, but to someone you are the world.”

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