Hyou-ka First Impressions

They did say, save the best for last. This was my most anticipated anime for Spring. I can definitely agree, it was worth the wait!

Summary: A guy named Oreki Houtaro prefers to be a low-key person- meaning he doesn’t care for academics, sports or socializing. He was forced by his sister to join the Classics Club so it won’t disband. In the club room, he meets Chitanda Eru, who apparently came from the same middle school. Satoshi didn’t want to disturb them but was caught. The three of them try to figure out why she was locked inside. The following day, they were discussing the wonders of their high school. They solve another mystery of the Golden Future Club, although this was an elaborate ste-up by Oreki.

Thoughts: This was not my favorite opening but it did set-up the story properly. I very intrigued about Chitanda’s charm on Oreki. Naturally, Chitanda is the splitting-image of Mio of K-ON. It’s nice to know there personalities are different despite having the same look. I like how Oreki reminds me of Okazaki of Clannad but is more the reserved side. As for the mysteries, its forming along well. It’s a lot better than the ones we’ve been seeing in Tasogare Otome x Amnesia. Why did they only use the last minutes to flesh that part out? Regardless, this anime’s redeeming factor was it’s animation. Man, look at that fluid motion. Even if the background isn’t as flashy like the other animes, KyoAni made sure to enhance the very basics. Just wow, when they shifted to the watercolor scenes. Such a creative method for storytelling purposes.

Initial Rating: 8.5/10


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