SNSD’s First Unit Group: TaeTiSeo!

I’m not really a fan of K-POP but I like SNSD especially Seohyun baby. But of course, Taeyeon and Tiffany are just as lovable. Well, these three have been getting a lot of exposure together in MBC Music Core. See that matching hand pose? Either way, I’m quite excited for this unit group! Although, SM Entertainment said that the unit isn’t final yet, which is why they use the first letter of each member’s name for the unit name. Anyway, we’ll have to see how their first mini album “Twinkle” will fare first. It’ll be released on April 29. So we all better watch out and support it! Girls’ Generation’s New Unit Group "TaeTiSeo" May Change Members

Below are solo teaser of the unit:

TaeTiSeo Releases Seohyun's Teaser for "Twinkle"

I’m not surprised that these three were made into a unit, really. These three do drama OSTs that they’ve sung solo. I’m sure this is a good way for them to get exposure while the other members are focusing on their acting careers. 2012 alone has four members of SNSD in dramas already. We’ve got Jessica for Wild Romance, Yuri for Fashion King, Yoona for Love Rain and probably Soo Young for Speed.

Missing You Like Crazy (King 2 Hearts) by Taeyeon

Because It’s You (Love Rain)  by Tiffany

I’ll Be Waiting (Fashion King) by Seohyun

Source soompi


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