Standby First Impressions

This is my first Korean sitcom so I really didn’t know what to expect but I like the cast and the plot seems interesting so naturally I’ll jump abroad. 

Expectations: Moderate

Verdict: Good

Summary: Ryu Jin-haeng was practicing for the news broadcast in the bathroom. Being the natural klutz that he his, he accident drops his cue cards . Naturally, he makes a big mistake that the main hosts tried to cover up. After the show, the director gets angry and leaves indignant, along with her co-host Ha Suk Jin.

When he arrives home, his brother chides him saying that he should have been comedian instead. The video goes viral thus the director wants him to be fired. Soo Hyun, being the nice hubae defends him. But this has happened more than once. He arrives late because a blind date and makes another slip-up. Then a series of his past stints were shown. The director wants him removed and the rest agrees. Soo Hyun can’t because it appears that she’s harboring feelings for him.

We later see him in yet another date, but this woman has a child who is no other than Si Wan. The scene later changes to Jung So-min working in a convenience store. She hungrily ate Ki-woo’s noodles, which he gave away.

Back to the date, Si Wan asks how he knows his mother. Flashback to the scene where they removed the someone’s falling hair. When Hee-Jung stands up to get a call, Si Wan tells him to stay away from his mother.

Then we come across So-min who is surprised to see Ki-woo in the same bus. Embarrassed from the noodle incident, she wanted to leave but the bus suddenly comes to a stop. She ends up on top of him! He wakes up and she immediately leaves.

Jin-haeng tries bribing Si Wan to cooperate by giving SNSD’s autograph. Si Wan apparently doesn’t care for girl groups. He only finds academics necessary in life. Jin-haeng tries to convince him that he is in love with her. But he doesn’t believe in those words because he witness the date we saw earlier.

Jin-haeng thanks Soo Hyun for the opportunity to keep his job. She is excited and giddy. Regardless, Hee-jung and Si Wan are present in his live broadcast. Jin-haeng was suppose to apologize for his mistake but ends up proposing. His own father was aghast. He goes up front and pulls Jin-haeng’s hair.

Thoughts: I love it! It’s got the funny down immediately. Usually it takes me awhile to get into a sitcom but this just delivers the right punch. I like the complicated love triangle we got here. My ultimate favorite character is Si Wan! HAHAHA, a kid who pretends to be good in his parents but has a scary personality when they’re gone. Did not expect that! I’m very happy he could portray funny. He had such more serious roles in The Moon that Embraces the Sun and Equator Man, so the change is very refreshing. He is definitely an up and coming star people should keep an eye out for. I’m sorry to be talking about him but he and Ha Suk Jin’s drama stints were the only ones I’ve got to see so far. I was happy seeing Ha Suk Jin’s handsome face but he didn’t have much of a role in this episode. Although I was really laughing with the dumbbell scene! I’m looking forward to next episodes already.

Side comment: I’m considering to do a mini-recap on this sitcom. Although the recaps might be quite late for those keeping up with this sitcom’s simulcast, since I have to wait for the release of the subtitles. But rest assure, I’ll do my best to deliver right away. If you’re interested, please comment. I’ll be starting from episode 5 seeing how dramabeans covered the first week better than I did.


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