Violent Movies Mash-Up

I had nightmares worst than the time I saw Higurashi on 12MN watching these two gory movies. They maybe a decade old, but these horror classics will continue to haunt you down.

Old Boy (2003 Korean Movie)

Expectations: Moderate

Verdict: Middling

Thoughts: One of my friends who’s into literature was totally recommending this, saying it was the most mindfucking and best story he’s ever seen. I thought I should check it out. This isn’t your typical cup of tea, really. There’s not only violence but graphic nudity- I’m not a big fan of that….. Anyway, it’s told in a different way so if you’re not used KDramaland yet, refrain from watching it. I can definitely say it’s one crazy revenge fantasy thriller. I couldn’t connect to the story and see the purpose so naturally I wouldn’t like it. But I see why he did say it’s mindfucking because it was….. except in the creepiest sense. I can’t see Kang Hye Jung (Miss Ripley, The Wedding Scheme) in the same way. Well, I can still recommend this for anyone who’s bored and wanting to try something new, but otherwise you’re better off sticking to your normal rom-com movies. On the side note, this had wonderful cinematography and editing considering it was a 2003 movie.

Battle Royale (2000 Japanese Movie)

Expectations: High

Verdict: Good

Thoughts: I watched this because it was being compared to Hunger Games. There are distinct similarities. To name a few: kill each other for survival, isolated islands and announcements of deaths. It’s not as gory as I thought it would be, but the little battle scenes were still amazing to see. I really liked how we see the paranoia in the students as struggle and find whom to really trust. Each student has a different perspective, thus we see different reasons for their dying. 42 is a mouthful actually, because of that there was little exposure for our main leads. Well nonetheless, it’s still a gripping movie. Plus it was pretty good quality for a Japanese movie.


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