Kim Soo Hyun’s Upcoming Movies

The first one was just announced last week. It’s a spy movie whose English name is still being fixed. On most sites, its known as Covertly, Grandly, while some have it as Secret to Greatness. I don’t have any other news aside from the premise which based on a popular webtoon series on Daum by writer HUN. Here’s a link to the website although since I don’t understand Korean, I couldn’t decipher which one it was.
His character is Won Ryu-hwan, a 24-year-old secret agent from North Korean spy who is dispatched in the ghettos of Seoul with an airborne unit. Once he infiltrates a remote town, he assumes a new name and the cover of the village idiot. Fluent in five languages (including English and Russian), has the ability to read people and an expert sniper to boot, Ryu-hwan gets to know the villagers and gathers intelligence on their political and military leanings, which he reports back to the North.

He’s not just a spy, but an idol boy spy. Basically, he’s the leader of the three flower boy spies. His assumed identity is an idol wannabe, and he comes with two comrades from the North. Together, they make up a “flower boy idol trio.” The story follows his journey after being abandoned by the North. The film will be directed by Jeon Hae-hong, who directed the tense thriller Poongsan.


Covertly, Grandly begins filming in July. Speaking of July, Kim Soo Hyun’s other movie The Thieves will be premiering then.

 The poster above reads, “Ten thieves. One diamond. They’re on the move.”

This movie has been dubbed as the Korean Ocean’s Eleven. The premise is about the grand scheme of ten Korean and Chinese thieves who attempt steal a rare diamond called “Tears of the Sun” from a casino in Macao, Hong Kong. The grand-scale theft is the work of ten professionals, led by mastermind Lee Jung-jae(The Housemaid) and including Jeon Ji-hyun (Blood: The Last Vampire), Kim Hye-soo(Villain and Widow), Kim Soo-hyun (The Moon That Embraces the Sun), and Oh Dal-soo(Thirst). In the plot, the Korean thieves team up with a group of Chinese thieves, who include actors Simon Yam and Angelica Lee.

It’s the fourth feature film from director Choi Dong-hoon, who was behind some big hits like Tazza and Jeon Woo Chi. The film is drawing some strong preliminary buzz, and last month at the European Film Market in Berlin, The Thieves sold foreign rights to several markets on the strength of that anticipation, without teasers or stills. The four foreign markets: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Taiwan.

I’m quite excited for it seeing it’s got everything. An entertaining, fast-paced fun ride about a diamond heist set in a Macau casino showcasing a wide range of talents, and with this fantastic cast. Please let July come sooner.

The BTS video draws attention to the family-like atmosphere among seven Korean thieves, Macao Park (played by Kim Yoon Suk), Pepsi (Kim Hye Soo), Popeye (Lee Jung Jae), Anycall (Jeon Ji Hyun), Chewed-out Gum (Kim Hae Sook), Andrew (Oh Dal Soo) and Zampano (Kim Soo Hyun). The video also captures a variety of characteristics as diverse as the nicknames.

 The Thieves revealed a clip from the film’s poster photo shoot:

Here’s the trailer for The Thieves, which may be the movie I’m most looking forward to right now, because despite its less-than-original plot (a diamond heist that’s basicallyOcean’s Eleven in Macau), it’s got a killer cast, a skilled director (Jeon Woo Chi, Tazza), and looks snazzy and fun to boot.

This is a bonus for all you fan girls out there. Yes, Kim Soo Hyun will be shirtless in a scene in this movie.

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