Kim Soo Hyun’s Crush

Kim Soo Hyun Finally Gets to Work with His Ideal Woman

Kim Soo Hyun is the main model for Korean fashion brand, J. ESTINA. He’ll be working with his ideal girl, Kaya Scodelario. He’s named her his “ideal type” in an interview with Asia Today last March 2012. Kim Soo Hyun has answered the “ideal type” question before but has never named anyone before Kaya.

Kaya Scodelario (real name: Karla Rose Humphrey) is a 20-year-old, British model/actress  best known for playing the character Effy Stonem in three seasons of the British drama series Skins. Although British-born, she has Brazilian roots and is fluent in Portuguese.

They look really good together. I’m happy Kim Soo Hyun-oppa is happy as well but it still crushes you right?

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