Kim Soo Hyun is the new CF King

Not only is Kim Soo Hyun in featured in various magazine spreads, he’s on fire with the amount of CFs he’s been asked to advertise. CFs are one of the best way to get publicity. After The Moon that Embraces the Sun ended, Kim Soo Hyun was chosen for 17 advertisements. This record surpasses the figure-skating queen, Kim Yu Na who had 15 in 2009. He even beat Lee Min Ho who swept up all the CFs after the filming of Boys Over Flowers.
It is said, the total money by advertisements alone amounts to over 6 billion won (around 6 million USD). That’s a load of money right there.
The CFs vary from clothing, camera, to electronics. Some of which includes: fabric softener (Pigeon), laptops (Samsung), outdoor apparel (Cheil Industries), suits (Zio Zia), cosmetics (LG), sportswear (Prospecs), ice cream (Natuur), jellies (CJ), beverages (Yakult), coffee (Angel-in-us), beer (Cass), phone service (SK Telecom), camera (Cannon), Pizza (Dominos).
I managed to compile some of these below:

Kim Soo-hyun with Park Tae-hwan as the new faces of Samsung New Series 9


 Kim Soo Hyun Sets Record by Shooting 17 CFs and Surpasses Kim Yuna's Record
Kim Soo Hyun  with the model Kim Soo Yeon in the “silk kiss” add of fabric softener, Pigeon
Kim Soo Hyun in a "Silk Kiss" Ad

Kim Soo Hyun and Go Ara  team up as spokesmodels for Canon.

Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Yoo Jung for Domino’s

Kim Soo Hyun reunited with Jung Eun Pyo, his right-hand man in The Moon That Embraces The Sun in Bean Pole Outdoor

Kim Soo Hyun for Angel-in-Us Coffee

The rest of the ads

Sources from Kim Soo Hyun commented, “This is something that happened only because of the fans. We won’t become arrogant and we will return this favor through future projects.”


2 thoughts on “Kim Soo Hyun is the new CF King

  1. I really like the pics that you’ve posted here. I hope you can upload more pics of him. I really love the way he acts and himself also. I’m looking forward for the new updates for Kim soo hyun.

    kamsahamnida ^^,

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