Time Slip Dr. Jin (UPDATED)

I was interested in this drama at first but after seeing the comments on the writers and how it’s not gonna follow the original script, I’m having doubts. I still covered this hoping that opinion may change. This got some buzz with their lawsuit against similarly-themed drama Faith, which is ultimately the reason it moved up it’s premiere to May 26 instead of the initial July schedule.

Time Slip Dr. Jin is a fantasy sageuk set in the late Joseon era (1860s) and features a time-traveling genius brain surgeon (Song Seung-heon) who goes back 150 years and struggles to adapt his medical practice.  The drama is an adaptation of the hit dorama JIN (which was so popular it even had a sequel, JIN2). You can check out the official site for more details.

One of the reasons why I’m worried about Dr. Jin being good is that the two screenwriters, both wrote according to what other fans have been saying is the worst dramas to come out the last 3 years. (One of whom did Road No. 1, and the other did Spy Myung Wol)


Song Seung Heon (My Princess). He plays the titular Dr. Jin.

Kim Jaejoong (Protect the Boss). He plays Kim Kyung Tak, a loyal and dedicated Joseon guard. He is a descendant of a long line of warriors, and the most skilled martial artist and best military officer of the time. 

Park Min Young (Man of Honor). She will be playing dual roles. Her modern role is compassionate Doctor Yoo Mina, Dr. Jin Hyuk’s fiancee. While the other role is a Hong Young Rae, a young lady of a nobleman from the Joseon era. This is my other problem with the drama the dual roles, apparently this doesn’t happen in the original series.


Lee Bum Soo (History of a Salaryman). He plays an actual historical figure Lee Ha-eung, a politician and painter, who was a member of the royal family. They added a twist wherein he becomes a “soldier of fortune,” aka a mercenary or assassin for hire. He’s also a bit of an oddball character though.

Lee So-yeon (My Love By My Side). She plays Chun Hong, the mysterious gisaeng who possesses mystical powers, being able to  see visions of the past and the future.







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