AKB0048 First Impressions

I completely forgot that this anime was suppose to be on my watchlist, probably because it’s premiere was quite late. Luckily, I’ve seen blogs feature it so I made sure to bank it after finals. You might be wondering why I even decided to pick up something with a crazy premise.  It’s because its music-related plus I haven’t watched any idol animes in awhile. I guess this anime was worth a shot. Read the thoughts section for more.

Summary: After Earth lies in ruin from a massive war during the early 21st century, mankind has colonized new worlds.  Unfortunately some of these worlds are led by oppressive regimes that place heavy restrictions on entertainment.  A rebellious idol group known as AKB0048 is mankind’s last hope in escaping boredom.  The silly concept of this show gets even better when a “guerrilla” idol concert erupts into a battle between mecha and shock troops with lightsabers.

It starts with the childhood of our heroines. They snuck into a AKB0048 concert and were amazed with what the sound the heard despite the DES forces trying to stop them. Then a shift into the future, they see an audition poster and tried out for it. Then each character was given a moment of fleshing out and what it takes to get their dream. Orine, who lost her family and is working at an early age. Yuuka has a boyfriend who doesn’t believe in the same dream as her. Finally, Nagisa who’s the daughter of an Anti-Entertainment Official. In the end, they passed the first round.

Thoughts: When I first read the synopsis, I was reminded of Girls Dead Monster, the girl band in Angel Beats! Similarly, the two animes both use music as a diversion for their movements. I was curious how it would play out since that’s the focus of the anime. Also, the character and insert songs for any music-related anime are top notch so this was something definitely worked picking out. Although if I had to compare it to something I think it would be Madoka. It’s still far from the standard Madoka gave but the unmasking of why entertainment is banned will make this anime on par. That’s my bet. It’s a simple story about chasing your dreams despite the pain it may take. I think the animation really complemented the overall package of this anime. I’m hoping we’ll get catchier songs soon though!

Just a trivia, the popular Japanese Idol group, AKB48, is now voices some of the singers. Apparently they are the last girl group in Japan who made it big before the Hallyu (Korean) wave came about.

Initial Rating: 8/10


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