This is third of the 5 dramas I’m anticipating for June. This will go head-to-head against I Do, I Do on May 30. It will be replacing Rooftop Prince in SBS Wed-Thurs timeslot.

Ghost is a thriller procedural about an elite cyber investigation unit. The setting is described as “a cyber world different from the world we live in” — one where cyber investigators find out people’s secrets that are hidden in their ultramodern techie gadgets, “solving puzzles with suspense and thrills.” Basically, it’s about our hero working to reveal the secrets of those that hide within the cyber world.

Ghost is the new project from the PD-writer team of last year’s forensic procedural Sign, and this time it’ll be a procedural about a cyber crimes division. You can check out for more details in their official website.


So Ji-sub (Road No. 1, What Happened In Bali). He plays a Kim Woo-hyun, cold gruff detective in a cyber crimes investigation unit. He’s the son to a high-ranking official of the police department, and has graduated with top marks in the academy, training, and now as an elite officer himself. He’s got a strong sense of duty, a perfectionist attitude toward his work, and is one of his department’s top brains. His leadership skills are excellent but also believes that harboring friendships can be detrimental to his work.

Lee Yeon-hee (Paradise Ranch, East of Eden). She plays Yoo Kang-mi, a twenty-something elite cyber detective, known for being an uljjang (famous for being pretty online).


Eom Ki-joon (Scent of a Woman). His character name is Jo Hyun Min.

Daniel Choi (The Musical, Baby-Faced Beauty). He plays So Ji-sub’s friend.

Song Ha-yoon, formerly known as Kim Byul (HelplessFlight Strongest Chil-woo). She plays a rookie reporter with little experience and no sources but keen observational skills, and becomes “an important key” in unraveling the mystery that drives the drama.

Kwak Do Won (Nameless Gangster, Head). His character name is Kwon Hyuk Joo.



English Translations Of Ghost Trailer

Woo Hyun: I am sorry.
Woo Hyun (to the National Police Universtiy students): The data you were sending to others have just been hacked.
Reporter’s voice: Talent (actress) Shin Hyo Jung died in a fall at her home after leaving a message on Twitter that she wanted to die.
(Phone text message: Shin Hyo Jung was murdered not suicide.)
Detective’s voice: Data message, is that really written by Shin Hyo Jung?
Ki Young: No, I am not. The real criminal is someone else.
Woo Hyun: Is that you?






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