You should know by now that I like collecting everything about the drama and releasing it in one package. This is one of the five dramas I’m anticipating come June season. It will take over King 2 Hearts’s timeslot for MBC Wed-Thurs on May 30.

I Do, I Do is about a top female shoe designer executive who gets knocked up by a newbie low level employee who just joined her company. Directing is PD Kang Dae-sun (My Princess) and writing is Jo Jung-hwa.

I’m sorry if there’s not much of a storyline. I Do, I Do actually gave the least information among all the shows I’m planning on watching. Nevertheless, you can expect a lot of laughs.

You can check out their official website to see if you can get anything more. Apparently, there’s a way to transform those Korean characters in the site into the English alphabet. That’s good for people like me, who can’t read Korean. Click this link if you want to register for it.


Kim Sun Ah (Scent of a Woman). She will play Hwang Ji-an, a top shoe designer in her thirites, who commands the attention of a room and always looks impeccable. At work, she’s basically described as The Devil Wears Prada‘s version of a boss.

Park Geon Hyeong (Syndrome) He plays Jo Eun Sung, baby momma Ji An’s obstetrician who ends up liking her as well. 

Lim Soo Hyang (New Tales of the Gisaeng) She plays Yeom Na Ri, the new director of the shoe company. She is Ji-an’s rival.

Park Young Kyu (Protect The Boss).  He plays Park Tae Kang‘s dad, who appears to be burdened by his son’s unemployment. He also sells generic brand shoes in Itaewon. 











2 thoughts on “I Do, I Do (UPDATED)

  1. I actually don’t like Kim Sun Ah much (especially after I saw Kim Sam Soon) but then liked her in a movie she did and I’m looking forward to this drama as well since the trailer made it seem fun! I hope the comedy holds out instead of drying up mid series. Anyway, I’ll be picking it up for recaps and if it does go south, I’ll improvise then! I already regret seeing Fashion King all the way through. It was a MESS! 😦

    • I’ve only seen Kim Sun Ah in City Hall. She did a great job but she should avoid the baby voice. I’m not that impressed with the teasers for I Do, I Do but the premise is just too awesome to let the drama go. Yeah I heard Fashion King was awful. I’m surprised you managed to recap it until the end.

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