Bridal Mask First Impressions

This was the drama I was most excited for among the June line-up! I can proudly say, it lived up to my expectations. 

Expectations: High

Verdict: Great!

Summary: Just watch it. I feel like I might write all the details down if ever. But basically, our protagonist Lee Kang To serves the Japanese Imperial Police, which is considered treason to his country, Joeson. He’s really good at his job because he got promoted for catching Dam Sa Ri. Although the latter escaped with the help of Bridal Mask. Later on, Kenji Kimura, a fellow police officer accuses him of being in cahoots with Bridal Mask. Kono challenges Kang To to catch Bridal Mask to clear his name.

Thoughts: The first two episodes were just plain love! JOO WON IS JUST AMAZING! He’s such a versatile actor. Fresh from Ojakgyo Brothers where he was just so adorable and nice, I was pleasantly surprised he could portray such a scary, angry and ruthless character. Lee Kang To is a character quite refreshing to see. He starts out as an anti-hero, betraying his own country. He makes a good point by saying that if it weren’t for joining the Japanese, they won’t have food to eat. Although, I can’t wait until we reach that pivotal point where he’ll change his belief. The rest of the cast were just as good but Joo Won just steals the show every moment. The costumes and background really brings out the setting of that time. It’s great that we have a balance with song numbers and fighting scenes. The drama is based on a manhwa (Korean version of manga), so I’m sure the story will continue to get our attention. Just like I predicted, the drama got first place for both episodes. I’m very happy although I think they deserve ratings up to 19% and not just 12%. I really hope more people tune in to this because you won’t know what you’re missing out on.

Initial Rating: 9.5/10


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