Chilling Romance Impressions

This movie didn’t turn out the way I hoped to be.

Expectations: High

Verdict: Bad

Summary: A woman named Yeo-Ri harbors a secret. She’s haunted by ghosts, which is the reason why she distances herself from everyone. Her boss, Jo-Goo finds out about this. Despite her efforts to push him away, he gets pulled into her scary life.  First, he stays with her out of sympathy, then friendship and finally love.

Thoughts: The premise was so interesting but the execution was not. Son Ye-Jin and Lee Min Ki’s talents went to waste in my opinion. I swear I did not feel the chills while watching this movie. Contrary to what most people were saying, this was not funny nor emotional. I like the fact, Yeo-Ri is indifferent and tries to hide her loneliness but I felt no connection her character. I couldn’t even feel her sadness. Her situation should have brought to tears to my eyes but the movie couldn’t bring it out. Also, the ghosts and other spirits were the least bit scary so the haunting feel is not totally felt. This is why “the pushing away” portion was not totally apparent.

What worked for the film were the tiny moments between the leads but the rest were just sloppy.

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