Drama Bites June 8, 2012 Edition- Bridal Mask

I’m officially introducing my new segment for this blog. 😀 It’s basically my opinions on what happened on this week’s drama episodes. As much as I want to make mini-recaps, I just don’t have the time commit. So this segment shall suffice for the mean time. I’m planning to start anime bites by summer season (July), so watch out for it! I suggest you watch the episode prior to reading this because there are definitely spoilers.

Bridal Mask Episodes 3-4

Each episode seems to become a more and more jarring, nail-biting experience. Amazing how they manage to drop a bomb on every time. In episode 3, it was whether Kang To would find out that his brother is Gaksital while episode 4, the revelation that Mok Dan is Boon Yi.

Before anything else, I must comment on the fight scene first. I really love the slow motion movement they’re doing with the editing. The background music that they use just enhances the experience. But I’m bothered how smooth and too slick it is. After Gaksital gets shot in the leg, he can still move like that?! Well I can forgive the drama since their action scenes are actually good. I prefer hand-to-hand combat compared to explosive gun battles since it shows how much effort a production put into a drama.

Then let’s talk about the drama’s real strengths. It’s layered characters. Shunji and recently introduced Ueno Rie are each other’s foils. They both side with the opposing country but for various reasons. Shuji has been such a nice guy these past few episodes. He’s loyal to Japan but kind to Koreans. He believes in the golden rule where you treat others the way you should. It’s really admirable belief. But we all know, that will change soon. Anyway, I’ll like to insert that I really found the whole sequence with hiding Mok Dan really good. It shows how much he really cares for her. Too bad her heart belongs to someone else. As for Rie, she’s Korean but loyal to Japan. She works as a spy for the Kisokai. Nothing much about her for now, but she seems to have an interesting connection with our hero. The most notable thing I can say from her episode 4 screen time was that she hates people looking down on others. I guess she stands up for the weak because she was once like that.

I’m so happy to see Kang To being torn to do his duty or choose happiness with his first love. It opened his soft and kind heart that was hidden due to his darkness of the world. It was just so heartbreaking when Kang To was pouring his heart out to his sleeping hyung. How he didn’t like what he’s doing but it’s the only way to survive life. This line is still true today how we have to bite our tongue just to be able to earn our keep.

Bridal Mask has been an enjoyable ride so far but I really hope they stop with the drama tropes because those really ruin a good drama. I’ve spotted two so far. The villian circle of five and shoot the heroine in the heart.


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