Chihayafuru gets a second season!

That picture above describes the happinessssssssssss I’m feeling right now. Chihayafuru was the one that rekindled my love for animes. I was prepared not to have a continuation because the DVD sales aren’t so great like Guilty Crown. To my surprise, they still decided to make a second season. As Guardian Enzo has mentioned,

Blu-ray and DVD sales were pretty decent for a Josei show – about 2500 per volume.  TV ratings were pretty good for a Midnight airing, though they don’t matter much at that hour.  Probably most important was the success of the manga, whose sales spiked considerably after the anime began airing.

I’m happy was able to garner that much attention because it definitely deserves it. I have to give my thanks to the mangaka Suetsugu Yuki and Madhouse who did a fantastic job in bringing this anime to the life. I don’t mind waiting a year for an anime as great as Chihayafuru. I’m pretty excited to journey and grow with the characters once more.


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