Drama Bites June 17, 2012 Edition- Big & Bridal Mask

Starting this week, Big will be included in the drama bites! 😀

Big Episodes 3-4

I’m a little sad that the ratings for this drama is still below the 10% mark. It definitely deserves something better. Again, this is my second Hong Sisters’ drama so I can’t confidently talk about their trademark and all. But then this is also a plus side since my comments will be from a fresh pair of eyes, meaning everything is object. I really love this drama so much! There’s so much character developments and mysteries to tread on that it’s a pity this drama is slated for only 16 episodes.

In episode 3, the focal point was whether Gil Da Ran will find out if Seo Yeon Jae really loved her or not. This is not only because of the cheater aspect. But as Kyung Joon and even the mom pointed out, the fact is she and Yeon Jae are a boring couple. It’s true they are still in the formalities stage, proven by the lack of skinship and arguments that a normal healthy couple should have. The Hong Sisters’ surprisingly put a twist to all these speculations. Yeon Jae might have fallen for her the first time he met her. Then you suddenly wonder why Yeon Jae had hesitations about their marriage. It’s more than just cold feet. I’ve got several theories on it. 1) I think it’s something to do with the boring couple thing. He feels that they aren’t a good couple because they aren’t like the other couples. When someone starts to compare, one would ask if there was even love in the first place. 2) They did mention Yeon Jae was a workaholic. What if he wanted to pursue something greater for the child cancer patients?  If you’re married, you’re not as free to fulfill those dreams. 3) He fell out of love. Now that’s a mystery that we need to solve!

Most importantly, we were introduced to an important character Jang Mari. It’s interesting to see an obsessive “girlfriend” (bordering stalker). It’s not your usual character archetype. I think her role has something to do with Kyung Joon coming into terms with his mother’s death. She mentioned briefly that she had a fault in the death but we’ll see. She’s hilarious! She has this bitch please attitude. You know you shouldn’t mess with this girl. Anyway, I noticed in episode 3 that she feels like Yeon Jae and Kyung Joon are the same person. I guess she’ll figure out the secret sooner than later, which is just going to add to the complications of the story as it is.

I swear Big just passes time like a breeze. I’m craving for episode 5 but I have to wait 5 more days. I’m actually surprised with the length of discussion I’ve been writing for Big. I guess it goes to show how much I enjoyed it. 🙂 Well for episode 4, it was the beginning of the affection state. I think why I’m so sold to this drama is because of it knows the basics of what makes a true OTP. It’s not about the angsty second-lead complications, nor comedy antics. It’s about heart and focus on the main characters.

Episode 4 marks the heart breaking moments for our characters. For Kyung Joon, it’s the fact he’s acting strong. He hides his true self in a cocky facade that pushes people away from him. But underneath that, he’s really sensitive just like any teenager. He lacks love and support from people who care from him. On one hand, he has his gold-digging aunt and uncle on the other suffocating Jang Mari. Those two kinds of “love” are polar opposites. What he needs is something in the middle ground, which Da Ran has provided him more or less. I was really touched with the blanket and pajama scene. It shows how she cares more for Kyung Joon. Not just her student or Yeon Jae’s body keeper, but as a real person who she spent time with.

For Da Ran, it’s the discovery that her fiancee is cheating on her. There were several times  Kyung Joon wanted to reveal that fact to her but he later hesitated, wanting to protect her just as she does for him. I feel it’s one step to maturation because it was Da Ran herself who pieced the facts together. From the black tea to the key to the sharing car talk and finally the revelation. She has always pictured Yeon Jae has the perfect guy, making her the inferior one. She always does what he says and is usually pushed over. I think she has to realize that he makes mistakes like she does so she doesn’t have to lower herself for him. I just have to comment, how I was so swooned with Kyung Joon when he pushed the door. I had to replay that sequence because it was that good.

There are new symbolisms that were shown. The first is the key which means the key to the truth. The other one is the door. Da Ran has mentioned opening the Pandora’s Box several times in episode 4. That opening of the door just brings that out. Well that’s it for Big this week! I swear Mondays, please come sooner.

Bridal Mask 5-6

After a splendid week with Big, Bridal Mask seemed pale in comparison. Of course, it’s two different kinds of genres but I’m just not feeling the vibe I wanted to get from Bridal Mask. I think I’m expecting so much because there’s a lot of conflicts you can do with the plot. We need that turning point where Kang To transforms sooner or later because I’m starting to think they’re dragging out the first half a little too much. Well thankfully, as soon as I thought that they decided to bring it a giant game changer in the next episode. Yeow, episode 6 just stabs me clean into the heart every time I think about it.

I’m surprised how fast the development of the drama is. I thought they would save the best friends fighting over one girl trump card for latter angst, but I’m glad they revealed it as early as now and did not make a big fuss over it. It’s really adorable to see silent jealousies between the two friends. Shunji is slowly turning to the dark side. I can’t wait to see him crack and turn badass, which is probably how episode 7 will play out.

The Lee family is very unlucky especially Kang To. As if living with the Joeson people’s scorn as well as his family wasn’t enough. He know has to face the death of his family. Even if he was in the wrong, they deeply cared for him. We’ve seen Kang San crack and lose his patience. It’s not all Kang To’s fault for causing his death. He was driven by anger and revenge for his mother. It was just so heartbreaking to see Kang To bawl his eyes out to see his family dead, not to mention a burnt house. I was crushed because I’m sure somewhere in his heart, he was remorseful and hated himself for not seeing his family off in good terms. His family really wanted to support the cause but too bad that’s not the reason why Kang To decided to become Gaksital.

Just like his brother, Kang To was driven by anger. The fact that he didn’t use the iron awl proves that point. The death of Kenji was pretty ugly. What made it worst was Shunji had to witness it. I didn’t think that would be the reason why Shunji would turn evil. He had speculations that Gaksital was Kang To because of what Mok Dan was saying about it being the young master. Oh honey, if only you knew. It’s an ironic twist of fate that the two friends are going to go against each other because of the death of a family member. It’s justified but plain sad reality.

They have to suffer so much. Hopefully, these suffering will bear fruit and Kang To will start to fight for what is truly worth fighting for. Joo Won’s wail and crying were superb. I’ve never seen anyone ugly cry before like the way he did. It really captures that moment. Looking forward to the new changes that will happen to characters! Just a last follow-up comment, I love the fact Kang To was able to piece so much information together. It’s rare you see a smart character like that.

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