Drama Bites June 24, 2012 Edition- Big & Bridal Mask

The drama whose photo will be shown ahead will be this week’s winner for me.

Big Episode 5-6

Well Big still wins this week for me even though I wasn’t too engrossed as usual.  There’s so much discussion that we could tread on because that’s how rich the development is. In Da Ran’s eyes, it was always Yoon Jae. She never looked past the shell and saw who Kyung Joon really is. Kyung Joon sincerely likes Da Ran but she always regarded him as a kid and just Yoon Jae’s body keeper. He wants to be recognized and the only way to do that is to gain experience. Even if the age is younger, true age can be measured by the experiences one has gone true. Cue in the one year gap.

It was some mindfuckery when Kyung Joon came back. He was almost unrecognizable. He’s not a manchild anymore and has matured quite a bit. It’s quite a twist on the situation reversal. Before Da Ran needed Kyung Joon to pretend to be Yoon Jae so her wedding can push through. But now Kyung Joon needs Da Ran for that same reason except it has an added dimension. It’s because she’s the only one who sees him as Kyung Joon and knows the whole truth. Regardless, they’re each other’s shield, protecting the other whether they like it or not.

I would also like to note the change in Da Ran. She finally has grown a spine and values herself as a person. Yoon Jae is not her priority now because the mere thought of him brings her pain. So even if she wants to help Kyung Joon, she’s scared that she might fall for Yoon Jae again. But I don’t think she realizes that she’s not falling for that shell but the soul that within it.

I’m glad Mari was able to piece together the information. This new twist brings a game-changer. As much as I want to elaborate, it’s better to leave it to our imaginations since there are countless possibilities arising. Anyway, I think episode 7 will be one explosive episode since I haven’t seen any previews for it yet. Keeps my fingers crossed for it.

Bridal Mask 7-8

There’s not much to say this week since it’s the fall-out from the biggest twist from episode 6. I like how both Kang To and Shunji are changing in ways they can’t even fathom. Shuji being the more apparent one. He has become more angry and emotional to the point of obsession. He’s starting to lose his patience, a sure sign he’ll be part of the bad guys in no time. Kang To on the other hand, seems lost. He’s conflicted whether to continue to live up to the meaning the mask holds or not. He still doesn’t understand the burden of living for the Joeson people. It’s more the mere revenge definitely. I wish they show how guilty he feels about what he has done. Then from that remorse, find the true reason to fight.


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