High School Debut & First Love Movie Impressions

Yay! Another of my movie marathons. Instead of the usual Korean movies I’ve been posting, here’s what the other Asian countries (Japan and Thailand) have to offer.

Unfortunately these two movies are of the same kind and are quite terrible. If don’t want to hear a little ranting, I suggest you don’t read further….

High School Debut

Expectations: Moderate

Verdict: Really Bad

I saw a user in countrThis was the first time I ever hated a character. EVER. Seriously I didn’t hate Sakura (Naruto) nor Orihime (Bleach), but Haruna is on a different level. I seriously want to smash her face on the wall. Sorry for the hate rage but wouldn’t you be annoyed with such a dense and selfish girl. Why does she need to find love that desperately? She’s young, she will eventually find someone. I also don’t like how stupid she is. I mean I’ve seen characters like that, for example Mikan (Gakuen Alice) and Naruto (Naruto) but they have a redeeming factor which is their past. This was the worst thing I’ve seen in drama land. I bet the only reason you’ll continue watching is because of Junpei Mizobata’s looks.  This is predictable and the quality of the cinematography is awful. Please don’t watch this and waste 2 hours of your life. Sorry to the fans out there but this is not for me.

First Love (A Little Thing Called Love)

Expectations: High

Verdict: Bad

I know so much people have been raving about this a year ago. It’s probably due to the Mario Maurer’s good looks, so I dismissed those squeals as annoying fangirl recommendation. My friend had a copy of the movie, so I got it from her and watched this with my sister who wanted to see this even before. Although I have to say it was a big letdown. The movie is very reminiscent of first love feelings. But unfortunately, I’m tired of how a girl does everything for a guy to notice her. Thankfully, the change that was brought about this first love was some what positive. Nam begins to work hard and looks a lot more sensible. Naturally, people began to take notice of her except for Shone. That’s what she assumed at first. Of course, there are many consequences that come along. Seriously, the best friend fighting over one girl angst was the most retarded twist to have placed in this movie.  Too bad this movie ended up as heartbreak fixed by deus ex machina. Well personally, I don’t feel the OTP vibes from the pairing. I guess it’s because I find the whole reason why they fall for each other to be so shallow: plain looks. I expected more from a sleeper hit than this. The only thing I enjoyed in the whole movie was Mario Maurer. He’s so adorable! But then he still needs a lot to improve in his acting in my opinion. Basically the theme of the movie was that they loved each other but the time they did never matched. Bittersweet too bad it wasn’t felt.

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