Best and Worst Animes of Spring 2012

Banzai for the lastest feature of my blog! With summer anime just around the corner, I decided to make a quick summary of what Spring had to offer. I hope we have similar opinions when it comes to this. 😀 


1) Sakamichi no Apollon
This was a pleasant surprise from noitaminA. I always forward to Fridays because of this anime. It focuses on the ups and downs of high school including fitting in and first love. It incorporates jazz music into the background and it also serves as a metaphor what the kind of life the characters are living. This has all the realism and depth that a school life anime should have and more. It has been a great journey with this anime, I highly recommend it.

2) Uchuu Kyoudai 

I’ve seen tons of space anime already but this was the first time where the focus were adults trying their luck to be an astronaut. I like how our main character is doing his best to fulfill his long lost dream. He has a series of bad luck and tends to give up, but this anime presents us with the opportunity to fight true. Another anime that has realism combined with some comedic moment, it’s sure to be an entertaining ride seeing how it’ll last a few more cours.

3) Ginga e Kickoff!

This is a not a great comparison to the first two that I’ve mentioned but it was the only other one worth mentioning for the top 3 position. See below for full review 😉


1) Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan

This anime has made me lose hope with game adaptations. There was virtually no suspense or barely a trace of the game play plot. Basically they were just baking bread and making people happy with it. What happened to the amnesia and stone that the pirates were hunting? Somebody told me to wait for Kaguya to appear before making any judgements but the whole time she was either asleep or staring over the ocean. I don’t think the ending will save the epic boredom I’ve experienced.

2) Area no Kishi

I cringed more and more with each new episode. They managed to introduce stupid tropes every time. First of all, the flashy movements. I hate it when everything is entrusted to a “star” player. They’re on the losing end, then suddenly they manage to miraculously win. This leads to the second factor, which is when Suguru possesses Kakeru. OMG, that was the most stupid thing I have everrrr watched. I hate the shared heart concept if it’s used that way. Please show, the main character is Kakeru not his dead brother. If it doesn’t improve by the end of the summer cour, I’m dropping it.

3) Hiiro no Kakera

It has the makings of a good fantasy reverse-harem but too bad the potential is just left to rot. I had a problems with the five guys reacting in the same way at first but I’m glad that has changed already. Well, I have an inkling that it’s just settling it’s pacing and it’ll improve in the second half (to premiere on Fall).


Tasagare Otome x Amnesia

Teiichi Niiya: Teiichi Niiya & Yuuko Kanoe
This was my highest anticipated anime for Spring too bad it let me down. I was annoyed at the main leads’ personalities. Trying to act cutesy and all does not work on me. Plus the anime was milking the comedy too much. What made it worst was the presence of the ecchi scenes. I hate them since it wasn’t relevant to the story. In the beginning, it felt really plotless. Luckily, things turned around after episode 6. But the earlier offset does not redeem it. I saw in a few forums that it didn’t follow the manga and totally skipped the important parts. That in itself makes it a disappointment. Well it was still entertaining, but don’t set your expectations as high as me though.


Ginga e Kickoff!

To be honest, I thought it would be a kiddie show. I’m very mistaken. This anime has exceeded all my negative expectations for it. It has everything what a sports anime should be. Lately, most sports anime lack a lot of important aspects. It’s not about the flashy tactics but rather the teamwork and love for the game. This is one of the most underrated gems ever.



Words cannot express the beauty of the minute details, fluid motions, different artistic styles that range from water color to high definition. It’s practically an eye-gasm for each episode.


Oreki Houtarou (Hyou-Ka)

Hahahaha I know a lot of girls will be probably drooling over this images, but it’s not his awesome character sketch that makes him my favorite. That just one factor, another would be the fact he’s voiced by one of my favorite seiyuus Nakamura Yuuichi. But the main reason is because of his laid-back attitude. I find his don’t waste energy belief intriguing. He’s probably really talented but just doesn’t put an effort in things. I like how Chitanda unknowingly brings out the best in him.


Nishimi Kaoru and Mukae Ritsuko (Sakamichi no Apollon)

It’s difficult to explain how awesome they are. It’s probably because it’s first love at the wrong time but still ended up good. 🙂 I don’t want to spoil anything since Sakamichi is one anime you shouldn’t miss.


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