Drama Bites June 29, 2012 Edition- Big & Bridal Mask

The winner this week is once again, Big. Sorry Bridal Mask but it’s hard to beat my drama love for it. Warning: This might be short post since I’m lazy to write my thoughts down.

Big Episode 7-8

As usual I don’t know where to begin.  There’s so much to tackle, so little time. The shell and the soul concept was in focus once more. Da Ran can differentiate the two already but Kyung Joon’s dog manners were a funny mix. I think where it levels up it is the commitment with the marriage and all. I’m glad they ended that argument already since I would have gotten annoyed if they prolonged it.

There was a lot of side character screen time. But what was still most important was that finally, we’ve got the back story to how Kyung Joon’s mother died. It’s sad that he wasn’t able to convey his affections for his mother. He was truly remorseful, adding to the trauma. I feel that because of that incident, Kyung Joon is scared to love and tries to push aisde the people who care about him. He doesn’t want them to end up like his mom.

How timely that Da Ran acts as a grown-up who Kyung Joon can lean on. I love the scene above so much. How he lets Kyung Joon drop his defenses and let him forgive himself. Another adorable scene is when she proposes to him. Too bad it’s not meant romantically. I love their pairing so much. Kyung Joon really brings out the best in Da Ran. He pushes her to stand up for herself and not allow herself to be bullied. We also see the shift in Da Ran’s behavior as she considers her own feelings over what Yeon Jae will think.

The Hong Sisters don’t seem to be running out of twists because what a cliffhanger this week was! I like how the soul switching isn’t sudden but something gradual. Because it prepares our characters for the heartbreak. I’m intrigued with the connection of Yeon Jae and Kyung Joon. I always suspected they had the same father but I’m hoping it’s something better than that. Uggggh, why do they have to speak cryptically? Let’s just wait for the answer next week then.

Bridal Mask Episode 9-10

Episode 9 was pretty bleak compared to the past episodes. It basically just drives across three main points, which centers on Shunji. First is his connection to past with Kang To. It’s was interesting to note that Shunji was the one who helped him become an officer. Second is how he will go to lengths to prove himself worthy to Konno, by being the bait of the Kishokai. Third, is the apparent distant change between Kang To and him. Ever since the former interrogated Chief Taro, he was never the same. When it’s his father concerned, Shunji actually cares? It’s weird to see him become a slave for his father when he himself didn’t like that about Kenji. Kang To was doing his job so there should be no ill feelings if you’re actually being professional. Either way, he’s completely in the dark side by now.

I was completely crushed when Kang To said to Shunji, they probably shouldn’t have become friends in the first place. It’s sad when good friends part ways especially when a girl is the sole reason for it.  Episode 10 was the culmination of the President Jo’s arc. It’s crazy how everything is connected and will always lead up to the point of one on one.

7 thoughts on “Drama Bites June 29, 2012 Edition- Big & Bridal Mask

  1. Hehe, somehow, I’m more immersed in Gaksital than I am in Big. I like the setup and story for Big, but Da Ran is not winning me over. I’m sold for Kyung Joon n love the romantic angle to it but DR’s character annoys me at times-a little too naive and as someone else described it-vapid! 😐

    Still, I’m enjoying both series and bite my nails waiting for Gaksital’s episodes, hehe. Also, are you watching A Gentleman’s Dignity? I LOVE that show. It’s got the right amount of cute, drama and romance and I am loving all the characters there! 😀

    • Really? Well Kyung Joon is one of the best thought out characters. Da Ran isn’t the best but she’s learning to mature. Besides, Lee Min Jung is pretty to look at. I don’t understand how Big manages to lighten up my mood every week. Although I’m worried it might turn into a flop in the second half, especially once the switch has been made. On the other hand, Gaksital has the opposite trajectory. I think the best is yet to come. This week it lost because episode 9 bored me for most part. 😛 Anyway, I’m glad it’s maintaing his lead in the ratings. As for Gentleman’s Dignity, I want to watch it after hearing good things people are saying about it. It’s even past the 20% mark. It’s just that I really don’t have the time to spare. 😛

      • I like Kyung Joon’s character a lot-from the teenager to the boy stuck in the elder body, learning to be an adult and maturing up. 🙂 N yeah, LMJ is pretty to look at but I’m not connecting with her.. 😦 I liked her at the beginning-naive and so much into her fiance that she’s always positive minded and all but somewhere along the way, things got lost for me…

        Lol, there’s bound to be odd episodes in Gaksital which will bore. I dont think they could put up a fight in every episode cause then it’ll be just the same all over… Still, it’s fun to watch and a great story to follow, ne? 😉

      • Actually it’s not the fights that interest me in Gaksital, it’s the sudden twists. I’m so curious when he’ll reveal who he is to Mok Dan.

  2. Hehe, yeah, that is one hell of a twist! ^^ I love that Dan isn’t just a girl he falls in love with in his present state and starts to reform for but rather she is someone from his past-when he wasn’t as cold and ruthless as he is today, someone who reminds him of how he once was and unwittingly just brings out that side of him. After hyung and mom are gone, he’s just got her in his life that he actually cares for and I so want things to work out for them-even if the end is bound to be tragic! Plus, seeing Kang To smiling just melts me so i want more and more of that! 😀

    • So true all that you’ve said! 😀 Although I hate the fact that Shunji is sooo in love with Mok Dan as well. It was good that he started to turn against Kang To because of what happened to his family.

      • Actually, I think his turning has more Dan background than family background. Yes Kenji’s death has a hand in it but the problem with him now is that he’s so obsessed with Gaksital because that is the person Dan admires and after Dad threatens Dan, he sees killing Gaksital as the only way to protect her where as he’s hurting her a lot more in the process of this capture and killing. I loved hating him in the latest two episodes and ranted a lot against him in my comments for the episodes, hehe! ^^

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