Arcana Familigia First Impressions

That picture above literally is what the synopsis is about. I forgot to elaborate on it in the summer preview. My apologies. But I can promise you that this anime will definitely excite you throughout it’s summer cour run.

Summary: In Regalo Island, a vigilante organization called Arcana Familgia protects it. It begins with a robbery incident, which was quickly resolved by the men of the organization. Then, it shifts to the 59th birthday of the head, Papa Mondo. He announces he will retire and the next head will be chosen in the Arcana Duello happening in two months. The winner, not only becomes head but also gets any wish granted as well as Felicita, the Princess of the Family’s hand in marriage. Felicita and Liberta were against it but couldn’t do any thing but participate. It ends with all the characters weighing the prize of Felicita’s hand in marriage.

Thoughts: It’s basically the perfect set-up. Very flawless execution. Despite a good number of characters, they were able to introduce us to all of them. I like how I can see a difference in personality immediately. I think that’s an important aspect in any reverse-harem anime.

It’s funny how all the older men seem to want Felicita’s hand in marriage but the younger ones want her freedom. It’s obvious she will end up with either Liberta or Nova. Too bad they both aren’t any good in using their Arcana powers. This power is intriguing since they only have one special ability. Everyone knows about it but of course, they won’t understand how it’ll be used in battle. I love how the mafia vibes are setting out. I’m excited for the next episodes already!

Initial Rating: 9.5/10

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