Tari Tari First Impressions

One of PA Works’ beautifully animated series definitely. It was better than expected. 

Summary: Miyamoto quit the choir club due to a heated disagreement with the teacher. She decides to form her own club. She managed to get two of her friends along but lack another two members to join the club. (Yes that’s a very watered down summary. As much as I want to elaborate, there’s no time to do so 😦 )

Thoughts: If Korean dramas have the famous Season drama franchise, I think PA Works should be the first to have a Season anime franchise. The detail and quality reminiscent of Hanasaku Iroha, was clearly seen once more. Although I have to admit Spring is much prettier to look at because of the famous cherry blossom imagery, I’m hoping Tari Tari will be able to show more of the beach scenes to beat that imagery.

I like the light and relaxing pacing. I think we can expect that the tiny moments between each character is it’s strong point. The plot is quite simple but can turn out to be very satisfying.

Miyamoto, voiced by no other than Seto Asami has a similar personality to her previous role Chihaya. Both are happy and a little light-headed as they rush to their dreams rashly. Another similarity is a childhood guy friend that they can seem to push around. lol I was pleased to hear Seto’s singing. It was beautiful to listen to. I’m pretty sure that the group performance will top that. To more cute episodes to come!

Initial Rating: 8.5/10


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