Chouyaku Hyakuninisshu: Uta Koi First Impressions

The story behind the kurata cards. I’ve always wondered what it would be about. 

Summary: It begins with a narrator saying that he was the one who chose most of the poems, which is obviously based on love stories. The first story focuses on Narihira and Takaiko. It begins with annoyance, eventually the bed and elopement. The first half ends with Taikaiko marrying the emperor. Narihira, on the other hand is one of the generals. He recites a poem that reminisces The second story focuses on Narihira’s older brother, Yukihara and his wife, Hiroko. He leaves his wife to meet up with his half-brother who’s sick at heart. He contrasts his difference with his brother. Hiroko always stays at home and wants to support her husband as best as she could. He wishes that Narihira would find that kind of person as well.

Thoughts: I’m not a big fan of the art really. It emphasized too much on the other stroke that the image that should strike us becomes forgettable. It’s like the really ugly version of Aoi Bungaku’Sakura no mori no mankai no shita. Well I’m hoping the directing would make up for that seeing that we have on board Kasai Kenichi who brought the Bakuman series to life. I like how fluid the storytelling is although the poems feel like it’s just briskly passed by for the first episode. This kind of anime takes time getting used to for the pacing. In short, I was not throughly impressed but not bad for an Edo period anime. There’s not official announcement for the episode count but in my opinion, it should only run for a cour because any more than that will bore the viewers.

Initial Rating: 6/10

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