Golden Time

Golden Time Official Drama Posters Revealed

Just felt like covering this drama even though I’m not going to watch it.  I’m not a fan of Korean medical dramas. I’ve already been disappointed by the best of the best plus the plot is so overused already. But I’m pretty sure there are fans out there watching it for the main cast, particularly for the Voice.

MBC’s new drama, Golden Time will be a reunion with PD Kwon Seok-jang who directed Lee Seon-kyun’s last drama, Pasta. The drama takes place in an emergency room at a general hospital. Kang Jae In is the successor of Ikhyo Foundation, which owns a medical university and five hospitals, but she does not care about the fact that she is the successor. Jae In only cares about her ex-boyfriend.

This drama was written by Choi Hee-ra, who did OB-GYN. Apparently the title refers to a person’s “best moment,” aka your personal golden time. It follows Monday-Tuesday drama  Light and Shadow and premieres on July 9.


Lee Seon-kyun (Pasta) He will be playing a top-notch surgeon with a cold and prickly demeanor.

 Hwang Jung-eum (Can You Hear My Heart). She will play Kang Jae In, the newbie intern medical student and heiress.






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