Drama Bites July 7, 2012 Edition- Big & Bridal Mask

The clear winner for this week is obviously Bridal Mask. It had much more pros that outweighed the cons.

Bridal Mask Episode 11-12

The action and the pacing that I loved are back.  I found myself basking in every moment. There are so much things I want to highlight for the our four main characters. I’ll begin from the worst to the best.

Yes, I’m dubbing Mok Dan the least interesting for this week. She doesn’t have as much layers as the rest of the characters. We only know her two faces. In front of the Japanese, it’s a stubborn and headstrong woman. While she goes lovey-dovey mode, thinking of Bridal Mask. I like the fact she fights back for her beliefs but that’s about it. A big weakness in her character is how she constantly gets caught. I myself lost count of the number of times that it happened. It makes you wonder how the inefficient police are.

Next to Mok Dan would be Ueno Rie. I’m sorry girls but it’s really the guys who would tug your heartstrings. Anyway, Rie is a lonely girl just looking for love, whether it be romantic or familial. This week we’ve seen her jealously as she realizes Kang To must be in love with Mok Dan. Aside from pretending to be a nun, I feel she will turn even more darker just to get Kang To’s attention. It’s funny how Mok Dan longs for Bridal Mask (the past) while Rie wants Kang To (the present). Going back to searching for love, I found that the moment with the father rather touching. “What father kills his child just because she did not meet his expectations?” That line is true regardless what generation you come from. Hopefully it’s meaning for the Chairman and Rie is not some facade, he’s playing on her.

Then we have Shunji who’s personally my favorite character. His change to the dark side is wonderful. He is not totally innately good per say, but when pushed to his limits he turns angry and vengeful. I really enjoy his heated one-on-one battles with Bridal Mask. It’s interesting how he tries to cling to humanity. He wants to protect so much but can’t do so because of his father. The moment that sealed this whole week was the fact Mok Dan pointed the gun at him. Hence, the picture above. That face was in so much pain. He’s terrified that he’s becoming what he hates the most. And that fear is something I’ve never encountered before.

Finally, the most interesting would have to be the hero. Kang To has truly soften because of Mok Dan. Too bad she doesn’t realize it because of her preconceived notion that he’s a mutt. But there are three people who have already. More than the love stirrings that’s just there to spice up the plot, is the fact Kang To is finally understanding what it means to be Bridal Mask. There’s a clear shift from guilt to truly protecting the people. Being on top of the roof, hearing the praises from the villagers was the perfect scene to illustrate that point. But of course, the fight isn’t all that rosy. The picture above depicts that fact. That moment was so gripping, I could replay it over and over again. He realizes that he could end up hurting strangers he doesn’t know. What made that moment truly beautiful is how he thought of Shunji. He sees so much of himself in him. He’s hurting because he know understands how his brother must have felt carrying the burden of being Bridal Mask. I love how he realizes the sad fate he will have with Shunji. I actually never thought of that development, which is why I love it. It’s a great surprise.

To more great episodes like these two!

Big Episode 9-10

Big was very mellow and slow-paced this week. It felt like an explanation segment where the mysteries loose ends were tied together. It didn’t work to it’s advantage because it lacked the Hong Sister’s trademark comedy.

What made Big take a step back was the side characters. The drama is focusing on the unnecessary one. Hint to the Uncle and Principal. It gives a filler vibe, which personally is a big no-no. I feel that Se Young should be given more credit. She after all took initiative to solve the connection between Yoon Jae and Kyung Joon.

The most important development for this week was mainly Gil Da Ran’s realization of her growing affections for Kyung Joon. I’ve noticed there are a couple of viewers annoyed with Da Ran’s light-headedness. After pondering on it, I realized it was because she never said what was on her mind. The only saving grace for this week is the angst! The fact that the impending switch is about to come. Even if Da Ran were to say her feeling, everything would reset before she knows it.

Oh I would like to share a nice observation. There’s an obvious switch in roles. We’ve seen Kyung Joon always running to where Da Ran is. Now it’ll be Da Ran who has to run and fight for Kyung Joon. I hope things will look up better next week.


2 thoughts on “Drama Bites July 7, 2012 Edition- Big & Bridal Mask

  1. Hehe, yup, Gaksital takes the cake this week! I’ve officially lost interest in Big-I don’t even know why! I’m still following the episodes but it wouldn’t make a difference even if i didn’t. Maybe its a mood swing! Although, I do love it’s OST, especially Davichi’s song!

    As for Gaksital, it needs no words, I love it completely! ^^ Can’t wait for more action by the girls! 😀

    • I lost interest in Big because of this week. I’m saddened because I really enjoyed the first half. I’ve read some theories on the ending. Someone said that Yoon Jae will die body and soul. The reason why the switch happened is so Kyung Joon can take his place in the family and with Da Ran. He can also move in Yoon Jae’s body because he donated something to him. Kyung Joon is a donor baby. I like it’s complicated mystery. I wish they focused on this instead of the side characters, really. But yes, I agree, Gaksital is the best. I knew it wouldn’t disappoint as we go further.

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