Binbougami-ga! First Impressions

So who’s side are you on: The God of Misfortune or Energy Fortune Sucking Girl?


Summary:  Gods of Misfortunes have to set a balance of energy on the world. Momoji was sent to fix Sakura Ichiko’s fortune. She’s been lucky for the past 16 years gifted with the body, wealth and brains. Momoji appears before Ichiko to explain that she’s upsetting the balance by draining other people’s fortune. She tries to suck out the fortune but ultimately fails.  The butler Suwano falls sick on Ichiko’s birthday and she felt really sad about it.  Apparently this is because of her sucking energy. Momoji takes some of her fortune away but they had this whole run and chase thing, which resulted to breaking the capsule containing the luck. It ends with Suwano getting better.

Thoughts: This reminds me of Medaka Box or even a greater comedy anime, Mirmo de Pon with all the craziness. How funny because there was actually a tiny parody some where in the episode. Anyway, I hate Ichiko’s personality so much. She’s perfect but a total brat. I hate arrogance more than anything. But then again, this is what makes her human and not your boring Mary Sue stereotype. On the other hand, I love Momoji! Her total character change from sarcastic and gloomy to scary angry is hilarious. Not too much to analyze here, but I expect we’ll get a lot of good laugh from this anime.

PS. Great and fun upbeat ED!

Initial Rating: 7.5/10

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